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Recipes - Snacks & Treats

Mug of golden turmeric milk.
By Lisa Markley and Jill Grunewald
This anti-inflammatory tonic is made with dairy-free milk, several warming spices, and a dash of honey or maple syrup.
Edamame Beans With Tuna and Onion
By Antonio Carluccio
This classic Italian recipe replaces the traditional borlotti beans with edamame.
A tray of nuts-party mix
By Megan Gilmore
If you crave that popular party mix made with rice cereal, you are going to love this grain-free alternative made with nuts, seeds, and a hint of maple syrup.
By Angela Liddon
Packed with energizing healthy fats, these crackers make great on-the-go snacks.
frozen yogurt dipped fruit
By The Life Time Foundation Team
This cool summer snack is naturally sweetened by your favorite seasonal berries, which is complemented by the rich creaminess of Greek yogurt.
a stack of homemade granola bars
By The Life Time Foundation Team
These quick and easy, six-ingredient bars make the perfect after school snack — and don't contain any of the added sugars often found in store-bought varieties.
PB & Jelly bites
By The Life Time Foundation Team
A little bit sweet and a little bit salty — these bite-size energy bites let you enjoy this classic flavor combination without the sugar rush.
a plate of apple nachos
By The Life Time Foundation Team
Try this fun and creative snack for an after school or post-dinner treat.
a plate of Sweet Potato Nachos
By The Life Time Foundation Team
Next time you're in need of a game-time or after-school snack, try this nutritious and delicious take on nachos.
By Tana Amen, BSN, RN
Looking for a healthy, satisfying breakfast? Try this lightly sweet grain-free option.
The Modern Potluck
By Kristin Donnelly
This dairy-free treat is full of healthy fats, and the mango-lime topping gives it a zesty flair.
coconut macaroons
By The Life Time Foundation Team
These snowball-looking macaroons are a perfect winter treat. Drizzle with dark chocolate if desired to make this dessert a little extra sweet.
a bowl of popcorn drizzled with chocolate sauce
By The Life Time Foundation Team
This popcorn looks like a winter wonderland, and is a great alternative to high-sugar kettle corn or the unhealthy oils found in microwave popcorn.
triple berry roll ups
By The Life Time Foundation Team
These three-ingredient roll-ups are the perfect snack for hungry kids.
By Laura Fogelberg
An easy, healthy, and delicious nut mix for your holiday parties.
By Elana Amsterdam
This recipe features fresh, roasted pumpkin, which is easy and so much more delicious than canned. You'll make more roasted pumpkin here than you'll need for one loaf; visit for more pumpkin recipes.
a bowl of apple pie fruit dip served with apple slices
By The Life Time Foundation Team
The perfect fall dip — and an easy way to get your kids to eat their fruit.
By Elana Amsterdam
These quick muffins and a side of eggs make for a tasty and hearty breakfast.
plum roll ups
By The Life Time Foundation Team
This recipe requires just five plums — that's it!
By Elana Amsterdam
This simple-to-make baked treat from Elana's Pantry delivers on flavor and whole-food goodness.
zucchini pizza bites served on a wooden tray
By The Life Time Foundation Team
Quick, yummy, and nutritious — these pizza bites serve as a healthy alternative to store-bought versions.
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