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Featured Stories

A woman showing the back of her upper body and arms in a pool.

How Do You Manage Keratosis Pilaris?

By Jolene Turner
This common skin condition can be frustrating to deal with, but you can address it with this three-step plan.
halloumi cheese and cucumber salad

SOMETHING SIMPLE: Pan-Fried Halloumi With Cucumber Salad

By Maddie Augustin
Halloumi is a semihard cheese that can be grilled or fried without melting, creating a crispy outer layer and a soft, chewy center. This flavorful recipe takes less than 30 minutes to make.
A young child jumping into the air with swimming gear on.

5 Swimming-Gear Essentials to Keep Kids Safe in the Pool

By Emily Ewen
A checklist for getting your child ready to jump in the water.
a hiker reaches out a had to the hiker behind him

How Humans Are Wired for Compassion

By Henry Emmons, MD and Aimee Prasek, PhD
Our brains are wired to care for others, even when it may seem like too much to ask.

Latest Stories

a woman wears a mask while outside looking at her phone with an air quality warning

How Air Pollution Undermines Physical and Mental Health

By Michael Dregni
Many people may underestimate the extent to which air quality can affect their physical health and mental well-being. Read on to learn more.
a person showers outside

How Can I Keep My Body Cool During Heat Waves?

By Alexandra Smith, MA, LPCC
Here are some clever strategies to try.
Person stretching their arms above their head

How to Flow Through Sun Salutation

By Emily Ewen
A guide to the movements and poses inside the flow of sun salutation A.
a woman sits at the bar with a drink

A Serious Rise in Alcohol-Related Deaths

By Michael Dregni
A recent CDC study reports an alarming rise in alcohol-related deaths, and the pandemic appears to have exacerbated the issue. Learn more.
a man makes a green shake

How Flavonoids Help to Support Your Sex Drive

By Mo Perry
Flavonoids naturally occur in berries, citrus fruits, tea, and dark chocolate. Discover how to maximize the benefits of this nutrient to improve your libido.
healing touch therapy

What Is Healing Touch?

By Courtney Helgoe
This form of energy healing is becoming increasingly common in healthcare settings to support pain relief. Here’s what we understand about it.
a little boy helps his mom make homemade popsicles

5 of Our Favorite Kitchen Items to Use in the Summer

By Experience Life Staff
From making your own ice cream to keeping your wine chilled on a hot evening, these items are sure to enhance your summer experience.

Latest Recipes

Basil Marinade

Basil Marinade

By The Life Time Training Team
This versatile marinade works well on chicken, fish, and veggies, as well as is great as a salad dressing if you add a smidge more olive oil to it.
creamy horchata flavored popsicles

Horchata Ice Pops

By Robin Asbell
Cool off with a frozen twist on horchata, a traditional Mexican beverage made from rice, cinnamon, and sugar.
berry chia seed pudding popsicles

Berry Chia Pudding Ice Pops

By Robin Asbell
These creamy and sweet DIY ice pops have just four ingredients: fresh raspberries, full-fat yogurt, honey, and chia seeds.

Latest Podcasts

life time work office space with two professional photos

Live, Work, Play: Bringing a Healthy Way of Life In to All of Your Spaces

With James O’Reilly and Eric Padget
Season 6, Episode 22   May 30, 2023

Our wants and needs in our work and home environments have changed, with many of us prioritizing health-supportive features now more than ever. In this episode, James O’Reilly, president of Life Time Work, and Eric Padget, senior director of real estate for Life Time Living, share how health can be better integrated into spaces and how Life Time has responded to this desire with the offerings of Life Time Work coworking spaces and Life Time Living apartment homes, respectively.

Listen >
woman leaning down in yoga pose

The Mind-Body Connection: Tapping in to Mindfulness Through Movement

With Jessie Syfko
Season 6, Episode 21   May 9, 2023

The mind-body connection refers to how our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and feelings either positively or negatively influence our physical bodies — and vice versa. It can be a truly powerful resource to tap into. In this episode, Jessie Syfko explains more about this connection, the benefits it provides, how we can grow it, and the integral relationship it has to our fitness efforts.

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Alec smiling photo with trainers doing lunges in background

Why Lunges?

With Alec Blenis, CPT, CSCS
Season 6, Episode 20   April 18, 2023

Lunges are a fundamental movement for strengthening muscles from your waist down. Yet because they appear easier to perform than they actually are, many people do too many too soon and end up discouraged or with lower-back or knee injuries. Alec Blenis, CPT, CSCS, explains why this move is a staple in strength and conditioning programs and how to add lunges into your routine in a safe and beneficial way.

Listen >

Latest Videos

Mechelle Freeman

Behind the Scenes With Mechelle Lewis Freeman (Video)

By Experience Life Staff
Go behind the with scenes of Olympian Mechelle Lewis Freeman's cover shoot for Experience Life magazine as she talks about inspiring people to move — now and throughout their lives.
a pink and yellow sunset

5-Minute Meditation to Help You Take Pause

By Life Time
A quick breather for when you’re experiencing stress or a lack of ease.
Coach Lindsay and Coach David in a side plank.

20-Minute 60day Workout to Get You Stronger

By The Life Time Training Team
In this sample Sweat Session you'll perform three movements for four rounds, going down in reps and up in weights as you go, before finishing with a core block.
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