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Recipes - Lunch & Dinner

a casserole of cauliflower steak and farro
By Maddie Augustin
Roasted squash and farro are topped with cauliflower steaks and walnuts for a comforting dish.
a dish of wild rice pilaf
By Maddie Augustin
We use a mix of wild rice and brown rice in this simple pilaf, which is studded with dried cranberries.
a salad with squash slices
By Maddie Augustin
Delicata squash, baby kale, goat cheese, and roasted walnuts are topped with a dressing made with maple syrup and Dijon mustard.
green bean casserole
By Maddie Augustin
We sub in full-fat coconut milk for heavy cream in this mushroom-packed green bean casserole.
sweet potato casserole
By Christy Rice
Our dairy-free sweet-potato casserole is topped with homemade granola.
a tin casserole of polenta pistachio casserole
By Maddie Augustin
Pesto and broccoli are topped with disks of polenta and grated Parmesan cheese for a homey casserole.
bowls of white bean vegetable soup
By Maddie Augustin
This hearty bean soup is packed with Tuscan kale, zucchini, and herbs like basil and oregano.
a dish of spicy chicken meatballs
By Maddie Augustin
Oat flour helps bind together these spicy chicken meatballs, which are topped with a pineapple-honey glaze.
glass container filled with balsamic marinated tomatoes
By Maddie Augustin
These simple marinated cherry tomatoes will stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to a week.
crispy herbed tofu in a glass container
By Maddie Augustin
A dusting of cornstarch is the key to the crisp texture.
metal lunch box container with brown rice pilaf
By Maddie Augustin
This healthy pilaf is studded with sun-dried tomatoes and fresh basil and parsley.
baked falafel in a glass bowl
By Maddie Augustin
Dried chickpeas are the key to achieving the perfect falafel texture: crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside.
a sturdy green salad in a metal lunch box bowl
By Maddie Augustin
Use any sturdy green — like kale, chard, mustard greens, or collard greens — to make this hearty salad.
5-ingredient pulled chicken
By Samantha McKinney, RD, CPT
The perfect versatile meal-prep protein.
A mason jar salad.
By The Life Time Training Team
Fresh pesto brings a burst of summer flavor to this transportable salad.
Three Falita's
By Chef Ryan Dodge
Pickled veggies, crunchy slaw, fresh herbs, and creamy dressings are stuffed into pitas for a refreshing summer dish the whole family can enjoy — and customize to fit their taste.
Chili lime tilapia and veggies in a foil pack
By Maddie Augustin
Fish is paired with black beans, red bell peppers, and red onions — and lots of spices — in this quick dish.
Cajun Shrimp Tacos With Cilantro Crème and Guacamole
By Chef Ryan Dodge
Get a sneak taste of one of the newest additions on the LifeCafe’s new poolside menu with this make-at-home dish.
steak and potatoes cooked in a foil pack
By Maddie Augustin
Sirloin steak, fingerling potatoes, and broccoli cook at the same time in this foil-pack meal.
spicy ginger tempeh and veggies in a foil pack
By Maddie Augustin
Marinate your tempeh and veggies in tamari, garlic, honey, ginger, and sesame oil before cooking in a foil packet.
Italian chicken and mixed veggies in a foil pack
By Maddie Augustin
For an added Italian touch, top your finished meal with shredded Parmesan.
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