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a woman holds a kettlebell

The Simple Kettlebell Complex

By Andrew Heffernan

Work your entire body with this fast, fun routine.

a woman laying on the floor pulling one leg in

The Sensuality Workout

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

These playful moves engage your muscles and your senses, helping to prime you for intimacy.

Two people meditating

5 Moves You’ll See in MB360

By Emily Ewen

The creator of this mind-body training program breaks down some common moves you may see in class.

Person doing ROOT yoga at Life Time

5 Moves You’ll See in ROOT Yoga

By Emily Ewen

A Life Time instructor breaks down a few of the foundational movements in this slower-paced yoga practice.

man rock climbing on indoor wall

How to Take Your Favorite Outdoor Fitness Activities Indoors

By Callie Fredrickson

Continue pursuing or strengthening your abilities for the warm-weather activities you love in the off season.

Weighted plate attached to the end of a barbell

5 Moves You’ll See in Barbell Strength

By Emily Ewen

This foundational yet challenging strength-training class puts an emphasis on proper form.

a man performs a lat pull with a band

A Push and Pull Workout for Full-Body Strength

By Lauren Bedosky

Build balanced, full-body strength with this four-part push-pull workout routine.

Two individuals doing a medicine ball toss.

8 Strength Exercises for Pickleball Players

By Callie Fredrickson

These workout-floor movements can increase your strength and mobility, safeguard against injury, and improve your pickleball prowess on the court.

hand weights with a red ribbon tied around them

Build Your Own Birthday Workout

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

Our fitness editor celebrates her 40th with a high-energy circuit routine.

a man sprints off a starting block

Boost Your Fitness With Sprint Interval Training

By Julie Dulude

Sprint interval training (SIT) can improve your fitness performance and transform your body at the cellular level. Learn more and get started with these workouts from Olympic athlete Mechelle Lewis Freeman.

crab walk

The Play-Based Workout

By Nicole Radziszewski

Playtime isn’t just for kids. Pair joy-infused cardio with body-weight strength moves in this all-ages interval workout.

a woman hold bridge pose

A 10-Minute Lower-Body Workout

By Nicole Radziszewski

This quick lower-body workout is designed to strengthen and tone your glutes and legs.

bent row

A 10-Minute Upper-Body Workout

By Nicole Radziszewski

Try this quick and effective upper-body workout designed to strengthen the major muscle groups of your chest, shoulders, arms, and upper back.

Person stretching their arms above their head

How to Flow Through Sun Salutation

By Emily Ewen

A guide to the movements and poses inside the flow of sun salutation A.

oblique rotation on an exercise ball

A 10-Minute Core Workout

By Nicole Radziszewski

Short on time? Try this 10-minute workout to strengthen your deep core muscles and obliques.

man running on treadmill

5 Strength Exercises for New Runners

By Callie Fredrickson

Running is about more than just speed and miles. Strengthening your body can help you push the pace and go the distance.

Two people doing a dumbbell overhead press

8 Beginner Strength-Training Moves for Body-Composition Change

By Samantha McKinney, RD, CPT

Resistance training is an essential part of any fitness routine. These exercises can help boost metabolism and support fat loss.

image of woman doing core work, bent row, and bridge

Three 10-Minute Workouts to Build a Full-Body Strength Routine

By Nicole Radziszewski

Low on time, energy, or motivation? Try fitness stacking. Combining 10-minute bursts of activity might be just the trick you need to get moving.

Three people in the pool doing a water workout

The Joint-Friendly Water Workout

By Emily Ewen

These pool-based cardio and strength exercises are easy on your joints — and all together add up to good workout.

A woman's hand reaching for dumbbells.

3 Moves You’ll See in Gluteus Maxout

By Emily Ewen

Exercises to strengthen and stabilize your lower body.

plank with leg lift

4 Antirotation Exercises to Build Core Strength

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

Antirotational exercises can improve alignment and core stability. Consider adding one of these moves to your next workout.

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