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Person getting in an outdoor pool

Strong Summer: 6 Tips for Building Strength in the Sunny Season

By Emily Ewen

Advice for enjoying the summer season while working toward your strength-training goals from two Dynamic Personal Trainers at Life Time.

headshot of jeremy and vinni

How Functional Neurology Can Improve Fitness Performance — For Everyday Athletes and Professionals Alike

With Jeremy Schmoe, DC, and Vinni Lettieri
Season 8, Episode 15

Performing well in fitness endeavors takes consistent effort — yet even with persistent dedication, there may be underlying causes preventing you from performing at your best.

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Person balancing on one leg holding the other knee into their chest

3 Fitness Tests That Can Offer Insights About Your Potential Longevity

By Emily Ewen

The ability to perform these simple tests can be predicative of overall health.

a woman swings a kettlebell in her living room

How to Create a Ladder Workout

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

Short on time, equipment, or space? Try this high-volume training style for an effective strength and conditioning workout. 

a man stretches his calf while holding his bike

Level Up Your Favorite Cardio With These Strength and Mobility Moves

By Lauren Bedosky

The secret to stepping up your cardio game may not be doing more cardio, but rather adding strength and mobility training to your routine. These moves can complement your cardio exercise of choice — and improve your overall performance.

how to do the thruster exercise

How to Do the Thruster

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

This full-body move combines two powerful strength moves into one exercise, boosting power and conditioning.

a collage of images that support strong knees

5 Knee-Strengthening Exercises

By Andrew Heffernan

Build strong, powerful, resilient knees with this progressive workout plan.

Austin lunging in a studio

3 Favorite Lunge Variations from the Guinness World Record Holder

By Callie Fredrickson

Meet Austin Head, the Life Time performer and trainer who holds the Guinness World Record for the most lunges performed in one hour.

A person wearing black tennis shoes with a water bottle of pink liquid Amino Recovery

Supplements to Support Your Efforts in Your Favorite Fitness Classes

By Emily Ewen

Pairing these expert-recommended supplements with your go-to Life Time workout class can aid your body’s recovery.

a man performs the goblet march

How to Do the Goblet March

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

This low-impact move challenges your balance while strengthening your grip, core, hips, and back.

a person checks the air quality on their phone

How Do I Know If it’s Safe to Exercise Outside?

By Jessica Migala

Wildfires, smog, and other environmental issues can cause poor air quality. Consider these four factors when contemplating an outdoor workout.

a man performs a Bulgarian squat in his living room

Morning Movement

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

The benefits of moving first thing in the morning are vast and varied. Our fitness editor shares a routine that works for her.

a man trail runs at sunrise

Can I Make It Safer to Do an Outdoor Workout on a High-Pollution Day?

By Jessica Migala

Here are several ways to protect yourself if you decide to take your workout outside.

a person stands on their toes on a yoga mat

Where Do You Wobble?

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

Our fitness editor explores what it means to face moments of imbalance head-on — in movement and in life.

a woman holds a squat

A Nasal Breathing Strength-and-Conditioning Workout

By Lauren Bedosky

Learn how to harness the power of nasal diaphragmatic breathing with this body-weight strength-and-conditioning flow.

a woman running

Enhance Your Running Performance With Nasal Breathing

By Lauren Bedosky

Nasal breathing is an efficient way to circulate oxygen through your body during a run. Master the technique with these three expert tips.

can botox help your traps?

What Treating a Migraine With Botox Means for Upper-Body Strength

By Jessica Migala

Can Botox treatments for migraine headaches cause weakness in trapezius muscles? We ask the experts.

a woman stretches with a determine expression

How to Use Visualization to Reach Your Fitness Goals

By Jessica Migala

Visualization is a powerful tool for reaching your fitness and sport goals. But what exactly should you be visualizing?

a table with a sand timer and utensils

6 Tips to Work Out While Fasting

By Nicole Radziszewski

Here’s how to stay strong and energized while refraining from food and drink.

an alarm clock, dumbbells and morning light

How Can I Become a Morning-Workout Person?

By Lauren Bedosky

Rise and shine! Explore these six tips to help you work out in the mornings.

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