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a woman wearing a Hijab sits outside drinking water

6 Tips to Work Out While Fasting During Ramadan

By Nicole Radziszewski

Here’s how to stay strong and energized while refraining from food and drink.

an alarm clock, dumbbells and morning light

How Can I Become a Morning-Workout Person?

By Lauren Bedosky

Rise and shine! Explore these six tips to help you work out in the mornings.

a man prepares to go for a hike

How to Build a Spring Workout Routine

By Andrew Heffernan

Channel the energy of the season to build a dynamic and sustainable workout.

member talking to trainer

5 Tips for Staying the Course When You’re Not Seeing Fitness Progress

By Callie Fredrickson

Advice from a Dynamic Personal Trainer about what to do when you’ve been working on your fitness but your results are seemingly stalled.

People smiling in a workout class

How to Fall in Love With Your Workouts

By Emily Ewen

Four fitness experts from Life Time share their top tips for cultivating a positive mindset around exercise.

Person assisting another person stretching

Dynamic Duo: 3 Stretches to Do With a Partner

By Emily Ewen

A stretch specialist outlines the benefits of assisted stretching and demonstrates three options you can try with a partner.

people roll exercise mats in a fitness studio

Is It Better to Do Yoga or Pilates?

By Sarah Tuff

The two practices have key differences and can also be complementary. Learn more.

a couple sits in boat position while holding medicine balls

Standing Abs Vs. Floor Abs — Which Is Better?

By Sarah Tuff

If you have balance issues, floor-based exercises are the way to go. If you have joint issues such as wrist pain, however, standing abs are ideal. Here’s why.

a woman performs a squat

Should I Do Squats or Hip Thrusts?

By Sarah Tuff

Here’s why integrating both moves into your strength-training plan is key.

row of workout machines on workout floor

How to Use 4 Popular Cardio Machines

By Emily Ewen

A Dynamic Personal Trainer explains four common cardio machines — and offers advice for adding them to your workout routine.

a person ties their shoe

Is Running or Walking a Better Workout?

By Sarah Tuff

These two exercises are often pitted against each other, but they can both contribute to cardiovascular health and overall well-being. Here’s why.

a couple stretches with the sun at the horizon

Should I Work Out in the Morning or Evening?

By Sarah Tuff

It all comes down to what works for you and your schedule, says our expert.

Strength machines on the workout floor at Life Time

How to Use 4 Popular Strength-Training Machines

By Emily Ewen

A Dynamic Personal Trainer demonstrates using four common strength-training machines — and offers advice for adding them to your workout routine.

a woman eats a bowl of cereal with fruit

Fasted Vs. Fed Training — Which Is Better?

By Sarah Tuff

It comes down to your individual goals and preferences, says one expert.

a man runs outside at sunset

How Does Exercise Influence Your Cortisol Levels?

By Lauren Bedosky

Does the stress of working out help or harm regulation of this critical hormone? Read on to learn more.

a woman running a treadmill with air pods

Listening Games

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

Music-based workouts are a fun way to mix up a treadmill routine. Our fitness editor shares a favorite playlist.

a set of shoes, weights, mat and other exercise apparatus

Is There Really a “Best” Workout?

By Sarah Tuff

We often pit activities against each other in an effort to find the ultimate fitness path. The reality, though, is that it’s not either-or. What’s best for you depends on a variety of factors unique to you.

three phone screens with people working out

The Ugly Side of #FITSPO

By Michael Dregni

Can “fitspiration” potentially cause more harm than good? Learn how #FITSPO can undermine mental health and body image.

a man sits on the top of a mountain with a video camera filming himself

The Do’s and Don’ts of Following “Fitfluencers”

By Katie Virnig

Want #fitspo you can trust? Experts offer advice on engaging mindfully with fitness- themed social media content.

a man performs the clamshell

How to Do the Clamshell

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

Strengthen your hips and glutes — and help build your side butt — with this lower-body isolation move. Plus, explore four variations to make it more challenging.

Person doing a burpee during a workout

4 Workouts You Can Do in 30 Minutes or Less

By Emily Ewen

When the holiday season packs your schedule, stay active with these quick ladder-style workouts.

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