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a person rides a bike

6 Ways to Get More Bike in Your Life

By Michael Dregni

Simple ways to make your days — and your world — more bikeable.

Olympian Haley Hunter Smith with her bike

Olympian Cyclist Hayley Hunter Smith on Mental Health and Pursuing Excellence on Her Own Terms

By Callie Fredrickson

The pro off-road cyclist shares her journey to mental well-being and how she’s refocusing her goals.

People taking a cycle class at Life Time

Which Indoor Cycle Class Is Right for Me?

By Emily Ewen

A breakdown of the five indoor cycle classes at Life Time and what you can expect in each.

Danny king smiling photo

Why Fitness Competitions?

With Danny King, Master Trainer
Season 6, Episode 18

The term “fitness competition” often conjures images of bodybuilding events, but it’s much more encompassing than those, including 5Ks and marathons, powerlifting meets, obstacle course races, and more. Danny King, Master Trainer, explains why he thinks everybody — at any fitness or experience level — can benefit from participating in a fitness event.

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a couple holds hands while walking across a pedestrian bridge

Do Pedestrian- and Bike-Friendly Policies Boost a City’s Overall Health?

By Michael Dregni

Yes, according to a recent analysis from Blue Zones.

a lot of cyclists ready to start riding

Cycling for Change

By Kevin Horner

As an athlete and industry innovator, HED Cycling cofounder Anne Hed is on a mission to make cycling more accessible and welcoming for everyone.

thick bike tires on a gravel path

What Is Gravel Cycling, and How Can I Get Started?

By Marco Dregni

Back roads, dust, beautiful scenery, and bicycling joy: a primer on gravel cycling.

Sarah Strum

Pro Gravel Cyclist Sara Sturm on Winning, Losing, and the Value of Rest

By Jill Patton, FMCHC

One of the country’s top gravel racers shares her approach to riding, competing, and the valuable lessons gravel racing has taught her about life.

Ryan Frankel with his bike an a photo of his app

No Distractions: Ryan Frankel’s Success Story

By Ryan Frankel

One man is inspired to advocate for more attentive driving after being injured in an accident involving a distracted motorist.

Michelle and kristi life time talks biking image

Why Gravel Racing?

With Kristi Mohn and Michelle Duffy
Season 6, Episode 7

Gravel racing has seen an upswing in popularity and participation in recent years —  but why? In this mini episode, Kristi Mohn and Michelle Duffy, who work on the Life Time Athletic Events team, share more about this sport, how it’s different from other types of cycling, and why it’s something more people — from casual riders to professional athletes are taking part in. 

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Haley Hunter Smith

Biking for Healing

By Callie Fredrickson

Olympian and 2022 Life Time Grand Prix winner Haley Hunter Smith’s passion for cycling also proved to be an essential tool for managing her mental well-being.

Alexey Vermeulen on his bike in the mountains

Pedaling for Meaning: One Athlete’s Pursuit to Bring More Riders to the Trail

By Callie Fredrickson

Professional cyclist Alexey Vermeulen’s latest endeavor bridges the gap between new riders and big cycle events.

Indoor cycle studio

Why Indoor Cycling Is for Everybody

By Emily Ewen

A Q&A with the designer of the new ARORA Cycle format on how indoor cycling can be an accessible workout for people of all fitness abilities.

Ken Zylstra during his intercontinental bike ride


By Jill Patton, FMCHC

Reflections on trail life, perseverance, and gratitude.

a mom and child bike on a country road

Can Bicycles Help Create a Better World?

By Michael Dregni

We often think of cycling in terms of personal health, but it has many social, economic, and environmental impacts.

two cyclists on a dirt trail

The Health Benefits of Cycling

By Michael Dregni

Cycling enthusiasts and experts explains the many ways that hopping on a bike, whether indoors or out, can boost your overall health — and just maybe help build a better world.

A group cycle class in a studio at Life Time.

3-Week Indoor Cycle-Training Workout

By Nancy Brenden

A beginner’s plan to train your body for a one-hour cycle ride.

close up of hands on a bicycle

The HIIT Bike Workout

By Andrew Heffernan

Get your speed fix with these high-intensity bike intervals.

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