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krysta rzeszutek at her Life Time club

Krysta Rzeszutek’s Healthy Revolution

By Krysta Rzeszutek

After experiencing a series of health issues, a woman finds peace by adjusting her mindset about the purpose of exercise. 

tattooed hands

Are Tattoos Harmful or Helpful to Your Health?

By Michael Dregni

Here’s what recent research says.

sarah headshot and people doing a workout

No Limits: Making Fitness Accessible for All

With Sarah Winchester
Season 8, Episode 16

Those with a disability, injury, or other physical restriction may feel their fitness options are more limited than they are for others — but with some modifications and a shift in mindset, they can discover what they can do rather than what they can’t.

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cups used for cupping

What Is Cupping?

By Courtney Helgoe

Insights on how this ancient technique works — and why it’s being embraced by pro athletes and everyday people alike. Here’s how it works.

a moon scape over an ocean with crashing waves

How Following Ultradian, Circadian, and Infradian Rhythms Can Boost Your Health

By Henry Emmons, MD and Aimee Prasek, PhD

Tune into natural rhythms to improve your energy, concentration, and sleep.

a doctor reviews test results with a patient

Here’s What You Need to Know About A1C

By Mo Perry

High blood glucose and prediabetes diagnoses are becoming increasingly common, even among people who are otherwise in good health. Discover the factors that contribute to a concerning A1C reading, along with diet and lifestyle strategies that can help you regulate your blood-glucose levels.

a swarm of mosquitos

The Outsized Health Threat of Mosquitoes

By Michael Dregni

Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying — they can also pose significant health risks. Here’s what you need to know.

headshot of jeremy and vinni

How Functional Neurology Can Improve Fitness Performance — For Everyday Athletes and Professionals Alike

With Jeremy Schmoe, DC, and Vinni Lettieri
Season 8, Episode 15

Performing well in fitness endeavors takes consistent effort — yet even with persistent dedication, there may be underlying causes preventing you from performing at your best.

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spiral staircase

How to Treat Dizziness and Vertigo

By Michael Dregni

A functional neurologist offers tips on diagnosing — and treating — dizziness and vertigo.

woman smiling with white background

Love, Purpose, and Genius: How to Tap into Yours

With Best-Selling Author Jasna Burza
Season 8, Episode 14

Life is stressful and trying at times, and it can leave us feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and restless. Yet best-selling author Jasna Burza believes we inherently possess what’s needed to change how those difficult experiences impact our lives — and the lives of others.

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two people sit on a bench overlooking the ocean

What Is Social Rest?

By Jessie Sholl

Do you feel alone or worn down by certain people? Discover the signs that you need more social rest and with whom to find it.

Trainer and client using the InBody scale at Life Time

What Is Body Composition — and How Do I Measure It?

By Samantha McKinney, RD, CPT

Why tracking this metric can give you better information for reaching your health goals.

illustration of brain with puzzle piece

PUMPING IRONY: On the Alzheimer’s Frontier, Big Pharma Plays Regulatory Roulette

By Craig Cox

New research suggests that we may be closer than ever to understanding a cause of Alzheimer’s. Will a suddenly more scrupulous Food and Drug Administration give serious consideration to novel treatment options?

a woman stands drinking a cup of coffee while looking out the window

What Is Sensory Rest?

By Jessie Sholl

From strong smells, artificial light, and loud work environments, our senses can become overwhelmed. Here are strategies to give your senses a much-needed break.

headshot jim lavalle

A Clearer View of Health: A Guide to Understanding Comprehensive Bloodwork

With Jim LaValle, RPh, CCN
Season 8, Episode 13

Learn about some additional blood markers you can have tested beyond the traditional panels and why they matter for painting a more complete picture of your current state of your health.

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Close-up of a person's foot in a sauna

Can Chiropractic Care Help With Plantar Fasciitis?

By Dr. Reza Alizadeh

A licensed LifeClinic chiropractor explains the causes of this condition and how a holistic approach can lead to healing.

illio depicting the effects of Parkinson's disease

Fighting Parkinson’s

By Michael Dregni

We’re in the midst of a Parkinson’s disease crisis. Explore the causes of the world’s fastest growing neurological disorder — and discover the innovative new treatments and functional therapies that can help patients live long and productive lives.

a woman sits on the ground looking at her painting

What Is Creative Rest?

By Jessie Sholl

Learn why taking a deliberate break from creative work may allow your creativity to regenerate.

Pregnant woman in workout gear holding her arms over her head

What to Know About Prenatal Massage

By Jolene Turner

A licensed LifeSpa massage therapist on the benefits of prenatal massage during pregnancy.

a man sits in a meditation pose

What is Spiritual Rest?

By Jessie Sholl

Discover the signs that you may need more spiritual rest and opportunities to find it.

a person stands on a doc framed by a tree with the sun shining through

What Is Emotional Rest?

By Jessie Sholl

Are you feeling emotionally exhausted? Discover the signs that you need more emotional rest as well as simple practices to help you recover.

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