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Love, Purpose, and Genius: How to Tap into Yours

With Best-Selling Author Jasna Burza

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Season 8, Episode 14 | June 18, 2024

Life is stressful and trying at times, and it can leave us feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and restless. Yet best-selling author Jasna Burza believes we inherently possess what’s needed to change how those difficult experiences impact our lives — and the lives of others.

In this episode, Burza shares the connection between quantum physics, positive psychology, and holistic healing and how, together, they can create a path toward personal and collective healing and growth. She also explains how we can leverage the genius and power within to change our lives for the happier and more peaceful.

Jasna Burza is a speaker, renowned personal development expert, and the best-selling author of Healer in Heels. She grew up in a refugee camp and having lived through war, she emphasizes harmony, peace, and resilience in her work.

“Infobesity” is a concept that refers to information overload. In this episode, Burza speaks to how constant exposure to information — from social media, from 24-hour news, etc. — can be harmful to our bodies and minds, particularly when it’s negative. It prevents us from being conscious and intentional in our behaviors.

Burza stresses that if we want to be more intentional, more coherent, and more aligned so that we can live a better life, the first step is to address this information overload. She suggests the following:

  • Tuning out the noise. Burza says if you can do this, then you’ve done about 90 percent of the work. She recommends regularly unplugging from devices and tuning out sensationalism that does not serve you. For example, if there is a multi-car crash multiple states away, consider if you really need to know about it or watch it. There’s work showing that when you look at or hear something negative, your body goes weak. The oppositive is also true: When you look at or hear something uplifting, your body gets stronger.
  • Listen inward. Burza explains that we’re electromagnetic and that we all possess the ability to hear our intuition and notice the signs that provide the clarity we need to move forward — if we just sit still and listen for them. If we can create moments of pause in our lives during which we can really tune into our selves, she says, then we will be hard-pressed not to hear what our souls are trying to communicate to us.


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Transcript: Love, Purpose, and Genius: How to Tap into Yours

Season 8, Episode 14  | June 18, 2024

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