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illustration of a romantic bedroom

7 Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Intimate

By Elizabeth Millard
Creating space for intimacy is an important part of your overall wellness. Feng shui experts and sex educators offer their top strategies.
a hand holding packaging free soap

5 of Our Favorite Skincare Products — With Plastic-Free Packaging

By Experience Life Staff
Sumptuous, sustainable body-care products — all packaged without plastic.
a woman relaxes at the beach

5 of Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Beach Products

By Experience Life Staff
Enhance your time by the water with these sustainable goods.
a fresh breeze blows through a sheer curtain

What Are Some Ways to Keep My House Naturally Cool During Hot Weather?

By Alexandra Smith, MA, LPCC
Try these cooling techniques to conserve energy and help protect our planet.
a little boy helps his mom make homemade popsicles

5 of Our Favorite Kitchen Items to Use in the Summer

By Experience Life Staff
From making your own ice cream to keeping your wine chilled on a hot evening, these items are sure to enhance your summer experience.
life time work office space with two professional photos

Live, Work, Play: Bringing a Healthy Way of Life In to All of Your Spaces

With James O’Reilly and Eric Padget
Season 6, Episode 22   May 30, 2023

Our wants and needs in our work and home environments have changed, with many of us prioritizing health-supportive features now more than ever. In this episode, James O’Reilly, president of Life Time Work, and Eric Padget, senior director of real estate for Life Time Living, share how health can be better integrated into spaces and how Life Time has responded to this desire with the offerings of Life Time Work coworking spaces and Life Time Living apartment homes, respectively.

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a person cannonballs into a lake

14 Tips to Stay Cool During the Summer

By Alexandra Smith, MA, LPCC
Ideas for keeping yourself and your home cool during the dog days of summer.
a woman pushes a wheelbarrow through her garden

6 Ways Gardening Is the Ultimate Mind–Body Workout

By Heidi Wachter
The health benefits of gardening go beyond reaping a harvest of vegetables and fruits.
a decluttered utensil drawer

APRIL CHALLENGE: Declutter Your Spaces

By Experience Life Staff
Build healthy patterns with our One Healthy Habit challenge. This month, we sort through all the stuff.
a woman stands at her desk stretching her quad

5 of Our Favorite Items to Create a Healthy Work Space

By Experience Life Staff
Make your office space better for your body.
a cutting board with a variety of veggie scraps

20 Clever Kitchen Tricks

By Kaelyn Riley
Cooking needn’t feel like a chore. Try these tips to save time, money, and resources.
Anika Christ

How to Detox With Whole Foods

With Anika Christ, RD, CPT
Season 6, Episode 3   January 10, 2023

“Detox” is a long-debated topic: Some associate it with deprivation, while others think the practice is not necessary because of our body’s natural detoxification systems. Anika Christ, RD, joins us to clear up the confusion, and explains how to detox your body with a whole-foods approach that feels far from depriving — and that can support nearly everyone in feeling and functioning better.

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a river lined with trees

MacArthur Foundation ‘Genius Grant’ Winner Robin Wall Kimmerer Talks About Connecting With Nature

By Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl
The world is a gift, says botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer, and we can accept it with gratitude and reciprocity.
a person holds a small, wrapped gift

5 of Our Favorite Edible Holiday Gifts

By Experience Life Staff
Treats to satisfy just about everyone on your list.
a gas range

What Is the Impact of Natural Gas on Human Health?

By Jazz Ward
A 2022 study found that 95% of homes tested had low but potentially harmful levels of chemicals like benzene.
a man teaches his young child guitar

How Music Brings Us Together

By Katherine Reynolds Lewis
Whether it’s experienced through singing, playing an instrument, dancing, or attending a concert, music is a powerful mode of connection.
family and friends gathered for the holidays

5 Rules for Gathering

By Jill Patton, FMCHC
Great gatherings don’t happen by magic — they’re created with care. Here are five tips to create more meaningful (and fun!) get-togethers.
A cup of tea and a chocolate on a cozy gray blanket

10 Hygge Tips to Slow Down This Holiday Season

By Laine Bergeson Becco
Here are ten ways to create cozy and content moments in your life.
a man cleans his carpet

DIY Carpet Cleaner

By Molly Tynjala
Got stains? Learn how to remove them with nontoxic items you probably have on hand.
a basket of dirty laundry in a laundry room

Why Do Certain Clothes Smell Worse Than Others After We Sweat?

By Margret Aldrich
Polyester promotes odor-causing bacteria called Micrococci. Cotton does not.
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