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A photo of minimalism expert Joshua Becker
By Heidi Wachter
Be more with less. Here are tips for minimalist living — downsizing your life, your possessions, and your schedule — from author and blogger Joshua Becker.
Parent and child gardening together.
By Molly Schelper
Get excited to make this summer extra fun with these simple, cost effective ideas.
Colorful and fun doors
By Heidi Wachter
Ingrid Fetell Lee on design principles that spark positivity and moments of happiness.
headshot of Jamie Martin
By Jamie Martin
More than a place to set our meals, our tables are a place to connect and share.
headshot of Jamie Martin
By Jamie Martin
A home project offers a reminder that small changes, even seemingly insignificant ones, have big potential.
Image of hand, light bulb, glass jar, recycle bin, compost bin
By Jessie Sholl
Learn how to minimize waste while reaping more satisfaction from life.
By Claire Díaz-Ortiz
If your wardrobe has white space in it, your life just might too.
Stack sweaters
By Jessie Sholl
The ‘‘slow fashion’’ movement teaches consumers how to build a healthy wardrobe, while also protecting the planet.
By Michael Dregni
Everyday household products, including cleaners and personal-care items, contribute almost half the pollutants in the atmosphere.
Live With Less Plastic
By Michael Dregni
Ditching plastic is good for the planet — and your health. Here are some tips to help reduce your plastic consumption.
An illustration of clutter
By Pilar Gerasimo and Dallas Hartwig
Feeling oppressed by your possessions? Learn how to lighten your load — and harvest some important insights in the process.
Kallie Thomson
By Casie Leigh Lukes
How your stuff is made matters, says founder of 31 Bits.
Various supplies used to make cleaning solutions, including soap, citrus, and essential oils.
By Kaelyn Riley
These simple, low-cost recipes are all you need to refresh your home.
Calendar Cleanup
By Karen Olson
If your busy schedule is making you crazy, it may be time to reevaluate your priorities.
By Terena Bell
Here are some decorating tips that might make ADHD easier to manage.
Reed Diffuser
By Kaelyn Riley
A simple, DIY method to fill your home with healthier fragrances this holiday season.
Courtney Carver
By Casie Leigh Lukes
Creator of Project 333, and author of Simple Ways to Be More With Less shares what she’s learned through simplifying her life — and a few tips to help you get started.
By Michael Dregni
In milestone move, the state lists the world’s most applied herbicide as a human carcinogen.
By Elizabeth Millard
How consuming less can help you enjoy life more.
By Michael Dregni
From eco-conscious lighting to thermal energy, Life Time is redesigning its gyms with the planet in mind.
By Jessie Sholl
Clean your home safely — and cheaply — with the following recipes.
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