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a decluttered utensil drawer

Clutter creates inefficiencies in our living spaces and in the way we operate. “[Clutter] is just stagnant energy,” says feng shui expert Tisha Morris. “Where there’s clutter in your home, there will be clutter in [you] — either physically, mentally, or emotionally.”

Make decluttering a daily habit by starting with a single surface or contained area. Mail piles, your wallet or purse, one drawer — take five minutes and start small.

Here’s How to Take Action:

Overcoming Barriers

illustration of the emotional strain clutter can haveThe Emotional Toll of Clutter

What is your space saying about you — and what is it doing to your energy, mood and outlook on life?

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A Space-By-Space Guide

a person waters a jade plant on their nightstand

3 Spaces to Declutter Now

Not ready to take on the whole house? Just making forays into this trio of high-impact areas can help you take a load off your life.

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One Healthy Habit

For more inspiration and other challenges, please visit One Healthy Habit.

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