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people riding a chair lift

How to Make Your Ski Vacation More Environmentally Friendly

By Michael Dregni
Downhill skiing and snowboarding are environmentally expensive sports. Can they become more sustainable?
Three people in active-wear walking on a trail outdoors

Healthy Aging and Travel: How to Prioritize Your Well-Being on the Go

By Emily Ewen
Tips from an ARORA-certified trainer on maintaining strength, mobility, and endurance to make your long-term travel goals a reality.
a woman wears a mask in a large urban setting

How Can I Prevent Getting Sick When Traveling?

By Mo Perry
Start by boosting your immune system with these simple strategies.
the illustrations for man and woman and a toilet on an airplane

How to Prevent Travel-Related Constipation

By Mo Perry
Hydration and getting enough fiber are two key prevention strategies. But there are a few more strategies you can explore.
a woman packs healthy snacks

What Are Good Snacks to Pack When Traveling?

By Mo Perry
These are some healthy, portable, and easy items to pack anytime you travel.
a man sleeps on a plane

How Can I Prevent Jet Lag?

By Mo Perry
Traveling across time zones can make sleep challenging. Here are several strategies to help keep you well rested.
a woman drinks a glass of wine while on a plane

How to Cope With Overindulgence When Traveling

By Mo Perry
Many of us overdo it on food and alcohol when we travel. Discover several strategies to help ease the symptoms of overindulgence.
an anxious woman waits for her airplane

How Can I Calm My Fear of Flying?

By Mo Perry
Discover natural solutions to help alleviate this common stress response.
a woman opens a supplement package on a place

How Can I Prevent Motion Sickness?

By Mo Perry
Expert advice for natural ways to prevent this common travel malady.
a woman pulls her suitcase in a hallway at an airport

6 Common Travel Illnesses and How to Treat Them

By Mo Perry
Travel’s pleasures and demands can take their toll. Stay on track with these foods and supplements.
a person riding bike in the woods

How to Take a Micro-Getaway

By Jill Patton, FMCHC
We could all use a little R&R, especially as autumn ramps up. Try these ideas to get out of the house for fun and restorative mini vacations.
a person stands on a rocky shore line at sunset

Getting Away From It All

By Michael Dregni
Escape into nature and step back in time to explore some of the less-visited treasures in our national park system.
a person stands by a mountain lake at night

6 Night-Hiking Tips

By Sarah Tuff
Hiking after dark heightens the senses in wonderful ways. Learn about the thrills and the chills — plus the skills you need to undertake this adventure.
Experience Life editor in chief Jamie Martin

Taking It All In

By Jamie Martin
A reminder about being present, courtesy of a phone-free trip to the Grand Canyon.
An image of a person grabbing a piece of food off of a plate while out to eat at a restaurant.

A Guide to Eating Well When You’re Away From Home

By Katie Knafla, RD, LD
Whether you’re on-the-go or out of town, use these dietitian tips to make healthier food choices.
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