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half of a pickleball court and someone playing on one side

5 Ways to Improve Your Pickleball Game

By Callie Fredrickson

Pickleball pros Ben and Collin Johns teach a handful of skills that can transform your play.

woman on pickleball court

Go-To Recovery Methods for Pickleball Players

By Callie Fredrickson

A pickleball pro shares guidance for supporting your body and maintaining its readiness to hit the court.

a person stands on their toes on a yoga mat

Where Do You Wobble?

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

Our fitness editor explores what it means to face moments of imbalance head-on — in movement and in life.

Dynamic Stretch specialist helping a person stretch their neck

5 Stretches to Promote Recovery and Stress Relief

By Chris Alfaro, CPT

A stretch specialist demonstrates a few moves that can relieve muscle tension and counter stress.

NYC indoor pickleball

The Big Pickle in the Big Apple: Life Time is Bringing More Indoor Pickleball to Manhattan

By Callie Fredrickson

The ever-growing sport of pickleball is taking hold in the city that never sleeps.

a woman rucking through an urban setting

What Is Rucking? Tips to Getting Started

By Sarah Tuff

Learn how adding a weighted pack (known as a rucksack) can elevate the strength and endurance effects of your daily walk.

a woman holds a squat

A Nasal Breathing Strength-and-Conditioning Workout

By Lauren Bedosky

Learn how to harness the power of nasal diaphragmatic breathing with this body-weight strength-and-conditioning flow.

Person taking a barre class

5 Moves You’ll See in Life Barre

By Emily Ewen

A Life Time barre instructor demonstrates common exercises you’ll perform in Life Barre classes.

a woman running

Enhance Your Running Performance With Nasal Breathing

By Lauren Bedosky

Nasal breathing is an efficient way to circulate oxygen through your body during a run. Master the technique with these three expert tips.

can botox help your traps?

What Treating a Migraine With Botox Means for Upper-Body Strength

By Jessica Migala

Can Botox treatments for migraine headaches cause weakness in trapezius muscles? We ask the experts.

women run through a field

The Female-Athlete Research Gap

By Lauren Bedosky

A Q&A with health journalist Christine Yu on the lack of research on female athletes.

Person jogging on a beach

Just Keep Moving: 5 Tips for Easing Back Into Fitness After Surgery

By Emily Ewen

An ARORA-certified Dynamic Personal Trainer offers recommendations for safely returning to exercise.

a woman stretches with a determine expression

How to Use Visualization to Reach Your Fitness Goals

By Jessica Migala

Visualization is a powerful tool for reaching your fitness and sport goals. But what exactly should you be visualizing?

a table with a sand timer and utensils

6 Tips to Work Out While Fasting

By Nicole Radziszewski

Here’s how to stay strong and energized while refraining from food and drink.

Which Cardio Class Is Right for Me?

Which Cardio Class Is Right for Me?

By Emily Ewen

A breakdown of the five cardio classes offered at Life Time and what you can expect in each format.

Person taking a Life Barre class at Life Time

Which Barre Class Is Right for Me?

By Emily Ewen

A breakdown of the four barre classes offered at Life Time and what you can expect in each one.

People taking a yoga class at Life Time

Which Yoga Class Is Right for Me?

By Emily Ewen

A breakdown of the six yoga classes offered at Life Time and what you can expect in each class.

an alarm clock, dumbbells and morning light

How Can I Become a Morning-Workout Person?

By Lauren Bedosky

Rise and shine! Explore these six tips to help you work out in the mornings.

man doing jumping exercise movements

Hop to It: A Leap Day-Inspired Workout

By David Freeman

Elevate your routine with this five-move workout that’s full of leaps and jumps.

a man prepares to go for a hike

How to Build a Spring Workout Routine

By Andrew Heffernan

Channel the energy of the season to build a dynamic and sustainable workout.

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