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A person wearing black tennis shoes with a water bottle of pink liquid Amino Recovery

Supplements to Support Your Efforts in Your Favorite Fitness Classes

By Emily Ewen

Pairing these expert-recommended supplements with your go-to Life Time workout class can aid your body’s recovery.

a man performs the goblet march

How to Do the Goblet March

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

This low-impact move challenges your balance while strengthening your grip, core, hips, and back.

pickleball pros Agassi and Bahram in New York on pickleball courts

Start Spreading the News: Life Time Pickleball Has Arrived in New York City

By Callie Fredrickson

A tennis legend and four top-rated pickleball pros help break in the new pickleball courts at Life Time at PENN 1.

A chiropractor placing two hands on a patient's back

Can Chiropractic Care Help With Exercise Recovery?

By Emily Ewen

A licensed LifeClinic chiropractor explains the role of this type of treatment in the recovery process.

Woman lying face down on a massage table with cupping marks on her back

Expert Q&A: How Cupping Can Alleviate Tension and Pain

By Jolene Turner

Two massage therapists outline the benefits of this ancient therapeutic technique.

Two people doing Pilates at Life Time using Pilates reformers

What Is Pilates — and What Are the Benefits of Pilates?

By Emily Ewen

A Pilates expert shares the principles behind this exercise modality and the top benefits of adding it to your routine.

a woman stretches

The Problem With Using the RICE Protocol to Treat a Soft Tissue Injury

By Nicole Radziszewski

Some think the RICE protocol — rest, ice, compression, and elevation — is an outdated way to handle injuries. Here’s how to use a little PEACE and LOVE for recovery.

a person checks the air quality on their phone

How Do I Know If it’s Safe to Exercise Outside?

By Jessica Migala

Wildfires, smog, and other environmental issues can cause poor air quality. Consider these four factors when contemplating an outdoor workout.

runners legs blurry

Expert Answers: How Do I Minimize the Impact of Hitting the Outside of My Shoe on the Ground When I’m Running?

By Mike Thomson, CSCS

If posterior striking is one of your running challenges, these four strength exercises can make your body more resilient to the impact.

man swinging golf club

5 Mobility and Strength Moves to Prepare You for Golf Season

By Callie Fredrickson

These exercises can help prevent injury and optimize your performance on the course.


8 Yoga Poses to Help Digestion

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

Stretch, twist, and breathe your way to better digestion with this restorative flow.

a man performs a Bulgarian squat in his living room

Morning Movement

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

The benefits of moving first thing in the morning are vast and varied. Our fitness editor shares a routine that works for her.

woman lifting a barre and headshot of Joe

Why Escalating Density Training?

With Joe Meier, CSCS, PN2
Season 8, Episode 5

Escalating Density Training (EDT) is an approach to training that’s focused on density during strength training — and that can mean big results in a shorter period of exercise.

Listen >
a man trail runs at sunrise

Can I Make It Safer to Do an Outdoor Workout on a High-Pollution Day?

By Jessica Migala

Here are several ways to protect yourself if you decide to take your workout outside.

half of a pickleball court and someone playing on one side

5 Ways to Improve Your Pickleball Game

By Callie Fredrickson

Pickleball pros Ben and Collin Johns teach a handful of skills that can transform your play.

woman on pickleball court

Go-To Recovery Methods for Pickleball Players

By Callie Fredrickson

A pickleball pro shares guidance for supporting your body and maintaining its readiness to hit the court.

a person stands on their toes on a yoga mat

Where Do You Wobble?

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

Our fitness editor explores what it means to face moments of imbalance head-on — in movement and in life.

Dynamic Stretch specialist helping a person stretch their neck

5 Stretches to Promote Recovery and Stress Relief

By Chris Alfaro, CPT

A stretch specialist demonstrates a few moves that can relieve muscle tension and counter stress.

NYC indoor pickleball

The Big Pickle in the Big Apple: Life Time is Bringing More Indoor Pickleball to Manhattan

By Callie Fredrickson

The ever-growing sport of pickleball is taking hold in the city that never sleeps.

a woman rucking through an urban setting

What Is Rucking? Tips to Getting Started

By Sarah Tuff

Learn how adding a weighted pack (known as a rucksack) can elevate the strength and endurance effects of your daily walk.

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