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Carrot “Chorizo” Tacos

By Kate Morgan

These veggie tacos are made with a plant-based carrot “chorizo” and topped with a zesty cucumber slaw.

garlic gnocci

Creamy Roasted-Garlic Gnocchi

By Kate Morgan

Make your own potato gnocchi with this simple recipe, and top it with a roasted-garlic cream sauce.

miso soup

Braised Daikon Miso Soup

By Kate Morgan

Enjoy the rich flavors of this soup featuring fresh daikon (a mild-flavored winter radish), vibrant beet greens, and lots of fresh ginger and garlic.


Green Shakshuka

By Drew Ramsey, MD

This brain-supportive recipe from Eat to Beat Depression and Anxiety, by Drew Ramsey, MD, offers satisfying flavor and abundant nutrients — without the postmeal crash.

avocado and cottage cheese toast

Avo-Cottage Toast

By Grace Kennedy

This dish has 14 grams of protein as well as carbohydrates and healthy fats to help you power through your day.

vegan creme brulee

Maple Sweet-Potato Crème Brûlée

By Kate Morgan

Roasted sweet potatoes, cream, and maple syrup come together for this creative twist on traditional crème brûlée.

mushroom and farro bolognese casserole recipe

Mushroom Farro Bolognese

By Alyssa Shultis

This casserole is made with a medley of vegetables, walnuts, and a creamy ricotta topping.

Tastes like a sugar cookie shake

Tastes Like a Sugar Cookie Shake

By The Life Time Training Team

A sugar-free treat that packs in 30 grams of protein plus added vitamins and minerals.

quinoa taco bake

Quinoa Taco Bake With Guacamole

By Alyssa Shultis

This veggie casserole is filled with nutritious ingredients like squash, bell peppers, and quinoa, making it a delicious and nourishing meal for your family.

gluten free mac and cheese recipe

Grain-Free Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

By Alyssa Shultis

Use cassava noodles — or any gluten-free pasta — in this comforting hot dish.

sweet potato and chickpea curry casserole recipe

Sweet Potato Chickpea Curry Casserole With Cashew Poblano Cream

By Alyssa Shultis

This comforting vegan casserole is packed with lentils, veggies, and a cream sauce made with almond milk, tamari, maple syrup, curry powder, and turmeric.

beet and arugula salad

Beet and Arugula Salad

By Life Time

This simple-ingredient salad serves as the perfect side dish.

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