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a woman hiking

2 Essential Moves to Enhance Your Walking and Hiking Performance

By Lauren Bedosky

Step up your walking and hiking game with these two complementary strength and mobility moves.

apples and pears

What are the Health Benefits of Apples and Pears?

By Catherine Guthrie

These nutritional powerhouses are best eaten fresh and whole. Learn more about the many ways these fruits can support your health.

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Korean beef kabob recipe

Bulgogi Beef Skewers With Pickled Veggies

By Jose Guzman, RDN

Savory and sweet marinated beef is topped with crunchy pickled vegetables. Serve in a lettuce wrap for a fresh, flavorful meal.

a person rides a bike

6 Ways to Get More Bike in Your Life

By Michael Dregni

Simple ways to make your days — and your world — more bikeable.

people dancing in a studio

2 Essential Moves to Enhance Your Zumba Performance

By Lauren Bedosky

Step up your Zumba game with these two complementary moves to create strong and mobile hips.

a woman looks at herself in a mirror

How to Cope With Body Grief

By Jon Spayde

Strategies for dealing with the stress of an always-changing body.


What Are the Health Benefits of Bananas?

By Catherine Guthrie

High levels of potassium aren’t all that bananas provide. Learn more about the many ways this underappreciated fruit can support your health.

headshot of Jamie Martin, editor in chief of Experience Life magazine

Ready to Expand

By Jamie Martin

Experience Life‘s editor in chief shares her goal of running a marathon and the steps she’s taking to prepare her body — and her mind.

al pastor kabob recipe

Al Pastor Pork Skewers With Cilantro Chimichurri

By Jose Guzman, RDN

Marinated in a sweet and spicy sauce made with guajillo and ancho chiles and fresh pineapple, these skewers are served with a tangy chimichurri sauce.

a mom helps her daughter with homework looking overwhelmed

How to Stop Overfunctioning in a Relationship

By Kara Douglass Thom

If you tend to micromanage in certain relationships, it might be time to take a step back. Create more balance in your life with this advice.

cups used for cupping

What Is Cupping?

By Courtney Helgoe

Insights on how this ancient technique works — and why it’s being embraced by pro athletes and everyday people alike. Here’s how it works.

Bahram Akradi

An Unwavering Vision

By Bahram Akradi

Bahram Akradi shares his thoughts on founding Life Time more than 30 years ago and how the Life Time app is advancing his vision of empowering people everywhere to lead healthier, happier lives.

a moon scape over an ocean with crashing waves

How Following Ultradian, Circadian, and Infradian Rhythms Can Boost Your Health

By Henry Emmons, MD and Aimee Prasek, PhD

Tune into natural rhythms to improve your energy, concentration, and sleep.

a woman relaxes poolside

6 Products to Elevate Your Pool Day

By Experience Life Staff

Check out some of our favorite essentials for a summertime outing.

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