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By Robin Asbell
These vegan spelt-and-almond flour pancakes are wonderful topped with tahini and fresh raspberries.
a bowl of potato chips
By Marco Dregni
Big Food engineers foods like chocolate, ice cream, French fries, and chips to be addictive. Here's how.
a woman stands in front of a snowy pine tree with her eyes closed
By Henry Emmons, MD
How taking time to do nothing can lead us to our better selves.

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a hill with windmills and green industry icons floating around
By Michael Dregni
Try these three free online calculators to find out.
savory pancakes topped with an egg and avocado
By Robin Asbell
Serve with sautéed spinach, fried eggs, sliced avocado, tahini, and hot sauce.
a man gets a vaccine shot
By Mo Perry
Some people with long-haul COVID have seen their symptoms abate after getting one of the mRNA vaccines. Here's what might be at play.
an industrial coffee maker
By Marco Dregni
Not all decaf coffee is the same. Here’s what to avoid — and how to brew the perfect cup of decaf.
a woman looks through binoculars
By Quinton Skinner
A “scout mindset” can help us cultivate curiosity, improve our reasoning, and make better decisions.
feet lined up on opposite sides of a thick, white line
By Katherine Reynolds Lewis
Our differences don't have to keep us polarized. Try this expert advice for forging unexpected connections.
a woman performs a hip thrust using a bench
By Experience Life Staff
Learn the moves for this eight-week glute-and-hamstring program designed to build your strength, power, and overall resilience.
a woman perform the frog bridge
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
Supercharge your strength, power, and overall resilience with this eight-week glute-and-hamstring program.
an illustration of a calendar with healthy items
By Stephanie Soucheray
Take the long view of the year ahead with this seasonal map of health-supporting reminders.
a person carries a box of donations
By Craig Cox
Determined to begin culling nearly a half-century of accumulated stuff in our basement, I encounter some fraught emotions and conflicting priorities — and a little holiday magic.
a journal and gratitude jar filled with slips of paper
By Molly Tynjala
Channel an optimistic outlook with one of these four helpful tools.
headshot of Jamie Martin, editor in chief of Experience Life magazine
By Jamie Martin
Experience Life's editor in chief talks about resolution abandonment and how to truly approach health and well-being.
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