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Austin lunging in a studio

3 Favorite Lunge Variations from the Guinness World Record Holder

By Callie Fredrickson

Meet Austin Head, the Life Time performer and trainer who holds the Guinness World Record for the most lunges performed in one hour.

Person holding a yoga pose in a Warrior Sculpt class at Life Time

4 Moves You’ll See in Warrior Sculpt

By Emily Ewen

What to expect in this fast-paced class that blends yoga, cardio, and strength training into one challenging workout.

a man performs the goblet march

How to Do the Goblet March

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

This low-impact move challenges your balance while strengthening your grip, core, hips, and back.

woman lifting a barre and headshot of Joe

Why Escalating Density Training?

With Joe Meier, CSCS, PN2
Season 8, Episode 5

Escalating Density Training (EDT) is an approach to training that’s focused on density during strength training — and that can mean big results in a shorter period of exercise.

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Three side-by-side images of individuals taking three different strength fitness classes.

Which Strength Class Is Right for Me?

By Emily Ewen

Build your strength-training routine with the many class options at Life Time.

lead dead hang

The Benefits of the Dead Hang

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

Strengthen your shoulders, core, grip, and more with this often-overlooked move.

Three people taking a kickboxing class at Life Time

Which Boxing Class Is Right for Me?

By Emily Ewen

Discover the three boxing and kickboxing classes offered at Life Time and what you can expect in each.

a couple sits in boat position while holding medicine balls

Standing Abs Vs. Floor Abs — Which Is Better?

By Sarah Tuff

If you have balance issues, floor-based exercises are the way to go. If you have joint issues such as wrist pain, however, standing abs are ideal. Here’s why.

person lifting a dumbbell

Sleep, Sweat, Repeat: 4 Workouts You Could Do Over and Over

By Callie Fredrickson

Experience Life‘s fitness editor weighs in on routines you could turn to time and time again.

Strength machines on the workout floor at Life Time

How to Use 4 Popular Strength-Training Machines

By Emily Ewen

A Dynamic Personal Trainer demonstrates using four common strength-training machines — and offers advice for adding them to your workout routine.

Brad Jones

Brad Jones on Overcoming Setbacks and Thriving at Life Time

By Brad Jones

A 60day Challenge winner reflects on the whole-body health benefits he received when he began focusing on his fitness.

a man performs the clamshell

How to Do the Clamshell

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

Strengthen your hips and glutes — and help build your side butt — with this lower-body isolation move. Plus, explore four variations to make it more challenging.

a woman performs a bench press

Strong, Fast, and Fit: A 9-Week Escalating Density Program

By Andrew Heffernan

Short on time? This nine-week program will get you strong — in less than three hours a week.

a woman holds a kettlebell

The Simple Kettlebell Complex

By Andrew Heffernan

Work your entire body with this fast, fun routine.

trainer helping someone lift a kettlebell

Ask the Trainers: Your Fitness Questions, Answered

With Makoto Matsuo, CPT & Sarah Pope, CPT
Season 7, Episode 8

What’s the right exercise routine for me? How often should I be working out? How can I make progress when I’m starved for time? Life Time trainers Makoto Matsuo, CPT, and Sarah Pope, CPT, join us to answer a few of the most common fitness questions they hear from members.

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Person stretching their arm

5 Ways to Improve Your Posture and Balance

By Emily Ewen

A Dynamic Personal Trainer offers tips for working on your posture and balance so you can reduce the risk of falling.

4 Strength-Training Tips for Active Older Adults

4 Strength-Training Tips for Active Older Adults

By Emily Ewen

An ARORA-certified trainer offers advice for starting or maintaining an effective resistance-training routine, along with guidance for balancing it with low-impact cardio efforts.

Participants lifting dumbbell weights in a group fitness class.

The Ultimate Guide to Life Time Classes

By Emily Ewen

A complete look at the studio, yoga, and cycle class offerings in our athletic country clubs — and tips for finding the right fits for you.

A man lifting a barbell.

5 Moves You’ll See in LIFT Barbell Strength

By Emily Ewen

This foundational yet challenging strength-training class puts an emphasis on proper form.

Two individuals doing a medicine ball toss.

8 Strength Exercises for Pickleball Players

By Callie Fredrickson

These workout-floor movements can increase your strength and mobility, safeguard against injury, and improve your pickleball prowess on the court.

woman on bike machine

9 Tips for Great Workouts Even When You’re Short on Time

By Callie Fredrickson

Life Time performers share their advice for maximizing your fitness efforts when you’re in a time crunch.

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