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Person walking into a workout studio at Life Time

Many experts recommend creating a workout routine you enjoy and want to stick with — and group fitness classes are a great place to start. From yoga to barre and strength training to high-intensity interval training, every workout class offers unique benefits.

They also provide community and allow you to step in for a pre-planned workout — all you need to do is show up and move through it.

At Life Time, the extensive roster of group fitness options means there’s something for everyone, as well as every goal, every mood, and every unique fitness need. Life Time offers hundreds of classes on the schedule each week, all included in your membership.

Additionally, each class can be modified to fit varying fitness levels. If needed, ask your instructor for modifications and they’ll work with you.

To help you make the most of the group fitness class experience, we rounded up a list of all the options available to potentially add to your routine. Whether you’re looking for cardio, strength, a combination of the two, or yoga, choose your goal and get ready to try something new. (Check your club’s schedule for class days and times, as offerings vary.)

Learn more about class offerings:

Cardio Strength Training Cardio and Strength  Yoga


GOAL: Improve cardio conditioning while feeling confident and energized.


Class Details


Equipment: Weighted gloves, weighted bar
Length: Up to 60 minutes

What to expect: Through fast-paced intervals of choreographed martial arts and kickboxing moves, you’ll punch, strike, and block your way to total-body fitness. This noncontact workout helps improve coordination and cardiovascular endurance, and works your core, arms, legs, and glutes.

GOAL: Boost your mood with high-energy cardio intervals and great music.


Class Details 


Equipment: Indoor cycling bike
Length: 50 minutes

What to expect: Often called a “party on a bike,” this class involves choreographed on-the-bike moves that are synchronized to music and lights. Energetic instructors and camaraderie with fellow cyclists will keep you motivated so the workout flies by.

GOAL: Improve your cycling endurance or train for a cycling race.


Class Details

EDG Cycle

Equipment: Indoor cycling bike
Length: 50 minutes

What to expect: This class integrates heart-rate zones and targeted metrics as you move through various levels of intensity on the bike. If you wear a heart-rate monitor, you can more accurately pace yourself and measure your progress over time.

PWR Cycle

Equipment: Indoor cycling bike
Length: 60 to 120 minutes

What to expect: If you’re aiming for your next cycling personal best, this is the class for you. Put your endurance to the test with drills that push you to improve your performance and prepare you for race season. Your FTP [<what does this initialism stand for?] protocol and a heart-rate monitor allow you to track your progress for continuous improvement.


GOAL: Strengthen your body while focusing on proper form for basic weight-lifting moves.

Try Barbell Strength

Class Details

Barbell Strength

Equipment: Barbell, dumbbells, mat, bench
Length: Up to 50 minutes

What to expect: Move through squats, lunges, chest and overhead presses, triceps dips, bicep curls, and more. The intensity of Barbell Strength depends on the weights you choose. Start lighter and increase weight as you progress and get stronger.

GOAL: Increase total-body strength, build stability, and increase balance.


Class Details


Equipment: Weighted bar, hand weights, dumbbells, Pilates ball, gliding discs, mats
Length: Up to 60 minutes

What to expect: You’ll perform classic ballet moves — think pliés and port de bras — along with Pilates and traditional conditioning exercises for a full-body workout. This class focuses on isometric strength training and high repetitions of small movements to target smaller muscles. No dance experience is necessary.

En Barre

Equipment: Fixed bar, mat, hand weights, dumbbells, resistance bands, Pilates ball
Length: Up to 60 minutes

What to expect: A full-body workout with a combination of foundational ballet techniques and high-tempo athletic movements using a bar fixed to the wall. You’ll lunge and lift, as well as perform some classic ballet moves, though no dance experience is necessary. Every muscle group is worked with a fluid and functional approach, while cardio, strength training, core work, and flexibility are incorporated throughout.

GOAL: Build upper-body and core strength through resistance training.


Class Details


Equipment: Barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, bench, mat
Length: Up to 50 minutes

What to expect: This guided workout focuses on the muscles from your hips up. You’ll start with a few sets of core exercises, then push, lift, and pull through four sets of four upper-body exercises before finishing off with a quick round of high-intensity interval training.

GOAL: Stabilize and strengthen your lower body through functional movements.

Try Gluteus Maxout

Class Details

Gluteus Maxout

Equipment: Barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, bench, mat
Length: Up to 50 minutes

What to expect: Experience a range of lower-body strength movements, including a variety of squats, lunges, and deadlifts. These moves are meant to challenge you while strengthening the muscles in and around your legs and glutes.

Cardio + Strength

GOAL: Challenge your strength and cardio while learning proper weight-lifting form with kettlebells.

Try Kettlebell Kombine

Class Details

Kettlebell Kombine

Equipment: Kettlebells
Length: Up to 45 minutes

What to expect: A high-energy class using kettlebells for resistance training that focuses on proper form. You’ll perform goblet and sumo squats, Russian twists, and more. You’re in charge of the weights you use, so select your kettlebells based on your fitness level and desired intensity. 

GOAL: Get a high-energy cardio and strength workout with the added challenge and fun of boxing techniques.

Try Ringside

Class Details


Equipment: Bench, hand weights, dumbbells, jump rope
Length: 60 minutes

What to expect: A total-body workout designed to incorporate out-of-the-ring boxer training. You’ll go through three noncontact rounds that include punch combos, shadowboxing, jump rope, strength training, and conditioning drills. AMRAP (as many reps as possible) rounds allow for individual pacing and progressive advancement.

GOAL: Build cardio and strength through mindful yoga movements and metabolic conditioning.

Try Warrior Sculpt

Class Details

Warrior Sculpt

Equipment: Dumbbells, mat
Length: Up to 60 minutes

What to expect: Move mindfully through challenging yoga poses including upward- and downward-facing dog and warrior, as well as strength moves such as overhead presses, pushups, and squats. This class is set to energizing music and some studios are heated for an extra sweat factor.

GOAL: Increase endurance and metabolic function through high-intensity interval training.

Try Xtreme

Class Details


Equipment: Dumbbells, resistance bands, mat, step riser
Length: Up to 60 minutes

What to expect: XTREME is all about high effort with short periods of rest. You’ll experience drills featuring explosive, dynamic, cardio-heavy movements that build with intensity, work each muscle group, and emphasize recovery throughout. This class challenges your body at the upper end of your aerobic-training zone.

GOAL: An effective full-body cardio and strength workout with a variety of movements.

Try AMP and EDG Flex

Class Details

AMP Flex

Equipment: Indoor cycling bike, dumbbells
Length: 50 minutes

What to expect: This class blends the music-driven cycling moves found in AMP Cycle with on-the-bike strength training. Get your heart rate up while riding to the rhythm before transitioning to a sculpting section to tone your upper-body muscles. To fit the dance-club vibe, the room is darkened and flashing lights may be used.

EDG Flex

Equipment: Indoor cycling bike, dumbbells
Length: 50 minutes

What to expect: Push yourself through a mix of high-intensity cardio and resistance-training moves. You’ll alternate between cardio challenges on the bike and using upper-body weight-training as your active recovery until you’ve ridden to your edge.


GOAL: Relax your mind and stretch your body.


Class Details


Equipment: Yoga mat
Length: Up to 60 minutes

What to expect: In this yin-style class, you’ll be guided through a series of poses and hold each for up to several minutes, allowing fascia and joints to gradually compress or release. Learn to use your breath and observe your natural tendencies when faced with discomfort.

GOAL: Learn the fundamentals of yoga in a fully guided class.


Class Details


Equipment: Yoga mat
Length: 60 minutes

What to expect: This yoga class moves you in and out of a set range of poses. Your instructor provides physical cues, guidance, and modifications as you go and emphasizes how breathing techniques correspond with each pose.

GOAL: Calm your mind while increasing mobility and strengthening your body.


Class Details


Equipment: Yoga mat
Length: Up to 60 minutes

What to expect: Flow through a series of foundational yoga poses in a warm studio while you notice the physical sensations and energetic aspects of the practice. This is a slower-pace yoga class that provides the opportunity to breathe deeply as you build steadiness in each posture.

GOAL: Level-up your yoga practice with a faster-paced flow.


Class Details


Equipment: Yoga mat
Length: Up to 75 minutes

What to expect: This vinyasa-style yoga class lead you through a series of flowing yoga sequences, then sets you free to explore the poses at your personal pace. Allow your breath to guide you to a state of mental calm during this powerfully energetic experience.

GOAL: Develop a calm, conscious mind through meditation and stillness.

Try BE

Class Details


Equipment: Yoga mat
Length: Up to 60 minutes

What to expect: This class incorporates a meditation technique called anapana, which refers to the observation of your natural breath. As you sit in a relaxed and comfortable posture, your instructor will guide you on a supported journey inward. This practice can help relieve mental stress and bring your awareness to the present moment.

Emily Ewen

Emily Ewen is a senior writer and content editor at Life Time.

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