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A mother plays with her baby.
By Lauren Bedosky
Figuring out when and how to start exercising after having a baby is tricky — especially if you’re recovering from a C-section. Here are eight tips to consider.
By Wendy Watkins
Strengthen your pelvic-floor muscles with these two simple exercises.
Mother and her baby at home exercising
By Experience Life Staff
Celebrity moms make it look effortless, but dropping post-delivery pounds can be challenging. Here's what to expect, what to do, and how to cope.
Woman doing down dog with new born next to her
By Nicole Radziszewski
During the "fourth trimester," it's important to respect your body's recovery time and ease back into a fitness routine.
Pregnant woman sitting on bench lifting weights
By Nicole Radziszewski
If you stay active and support your body's needs, you'll improve your mindset prior to labor and boost your chances of a smoother postpartum recovery.
Pregnant woman stretching arm
By Nicole Radziszewski
Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Continue to strengthen areas of your body that will support you during and after pregnancy — but beware of pushing too hard.
Pregnant woman looking at heart rate monitor
By Nicole Radziszewski
The key? Respecting early symptoms of pregnancy and being willing to adapt.
pregnant woman power walking
By Nicole Radziszewski
These guidelines and training tips for prenatal and postpartum fitness can help keep you strong and safe through pregnancy and beyond.
Jessica Tobin doing a stretch
By Jessica Tobin
One woman shares hard-earned lessons from her postpartum recovery to help others recognize the importance of persistence, self-care, and patience.
The Bloom Method
By Laura Fogelberg
Brooke Cates, founder of the Bloom Method, explains why innovative core exercises can help expecting and postnatal women.
By Casie Leigh Lukes
Digital content specialist Casie Leigh Lukes shares some dos and don’ts about movement for new mothers.
Hip Bridge
By Jennifer Blake
How does being pregnant and giving birth affect core health?
Canadian Postpartum Supplements
By Casie Leigh Lukes
A trio of supplements supports brain changes in women during postpartum.
toddle touching pregnant belly
By Courtney Lewis Opdahl
My midwife and doula assure me there’s a healthy baby in my belly. That’s all I know.
Courtney and Sylvia
By Courtney Lewis Opdahl
How my toddler’s swim class has taught me to embrace my postpartum body — and swimsuit season.
courtney with baby
By Courtney Lewis Opdahl
The first year as a new mom has been a whirlwind. These tips would have served me well at eight weeks postpartum — and even now at 18 months.
Courtney Opdahl
By Courtney Lewis Opdahl
Pregnancy is nine months of uncertainty, but it doesn't need to be filled with fear. What prenatal yoga taught me about finding the joy.
pushup while pregnant
By Nicole Radziszewski
Should I temper my workouts now that I’m pregnant?
By Experience Life Staff
Blooma Yoga founder Sarah Longacre guides us through a 10-minute prenatal sequence that's designed to help moms-to-be prepare for birth. Enjoy a short energizing series, followed by relaxation poses that are ideal for just before bedtime.
By Jamie Martin
Senior editor Jamie Martin shares plans for her first athletic event after the arrival of her baby girl this summer.
She Believed
By Jamie Martin
Digital initiatives manager Jamie Martin shares her journey toward becoming a prenatal yoga teacher.
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