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Are you a Life Time member with a story to share? We’d love to hear it. Submit your story for an opportunity to be recognized for your healthy way of life journey.

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Latest Stories

Side-by-side progress photos of Albert Li
By Life Time Editorial Team
Over the course of his adult life, Life Time member Albert Li’s motivation for fitness has ebbed and flowed. Learn how his recent successful completion of the 60day Challenge has helped him stay consistent.
Paul Matthies lifting a kettlebell
By Life Time and HOKA
Life Time member Paul Matthies discovered community, hope, and health — one 60day at a time.  
Jennifer MacDougall holding a kettlebell
By Callie Fredrickson
One member shares six practical tips for maintaining a consistent and healthy lifestyle.
Life Time trainer Brian McKinney and 60day winner Jane O.
By Life Time
“My confidence is back, my motivation is just getting started, and I can’t wait to see what I accomplish in the next 60 days.”
A before and after photo of Sabrina Osland.
By Life Time Editorial Team
How an unexpected event prompted this Life Time member to begin a healthy and sustainable weight-loss journey.
Edna Mason and Zak Stephenson
By Life Time and HOKA
Life Time member Edna Mason shares how a renewed commitment and consistent habits have shaped her ongoing journey to improved health.
Tommy Blake standing in front of a pool at Life Time.
By Callie Fredrickson
Longtime member and veteran Tommy Blake competed in his first-ever swim meet at 81 — and surprised himself with his ability.
a composite of Larry Pravblek at Life Time and with his family
By Larry Prablek
After a frightening bout with COVID-19, an ER doctor recommits to his fitness routine.
Katia Smirnov holding a glass
By Katia Smirnov
When one woman began investigating ingredients in her food, she found preservatives, chemicals, and hormones she wasn’t expecting. Her decision to prioritize organic whole foods improved her mood, weight, and overall well-being.
Kym Jolstad sits outside, smiling, while enjoying a cup of coffee
By Life Time and HOKA
Longtime Life Time Performer Kym Jolstad has dedicated her life to helping others pursue health. Now she’s selling artisan coffee to fund research that gives hope to those facing a devastating disease.
Yuki Tenoh performs a lunge in a fitness studio
By Life Time and HOKA
Life Time member Yuki Tenoh endured a traumatic childhood, but her inner strength and self-awareness have led her to a place of well-being and peace.
Racquel W runs on a road with trees in the background
By Life Time and HOKA
Life Time Team Member Racquel W., shares the key factors that have helped her navigate life’s unexpected obstacles with patience and grace.
day finalists at Life Time Pickerington.
By Life Time and HOKA
Four Life Time members and 60day Challenge finalists share the lessons they learned using the program to transform their physical, mental, and emotional health.
Marnie Rich
By Life Time and HOKA
Performer Marnie Rich on how staying connected and working together can create positive, meaningful change.
Lindsay Byrd in a Life Time club.
By Life Time and HOKA
How maintaining a consistent fitness and movement routine has helped improve Life Time member Lindsay Byrd’s physical and mental well-being.
Josh Neal in front of a Life Time club sign.
By Life Time and HOKA
A Life Time team member knows that when it comes to the pursuit of health and well-being, what’s going on in our heads can make all the difference.
Michael and Marisa Pender embracing each other on a rock in front of a body of water.
By Life Time and HOKA
Soon-to-be parents Michael and Marisa Pender share a few of the factors that drive their fitness routines, plus why health and wellness is a core value for their growing family.
Nancy Mora lifting a barbell inside a Life Time club.
By Life Time Editorial Team
For the past two years, Life Time member Nancy Mora has been working toward improved nutrition and fitness habits. She says it’s those efforts that helped her fully recover from COVID-19.
a close up of a man cutting a lime, onions and tomato
By Samantha McKinney, RD, CPT
For this Life Time member, the key to making long-term, healthier nutrition choices was using a focused plan as the catalyst.
A compilation of three images, including a person on a treadmill, a barbell, and a plate of salmon, broccoli and rice.
By Anika Christ, RD, CPT
Advice from Life Time members who used the 60day Challenge to make positive progress to their health in a challenging year.
A male Life Time member inside the club.
By Life Time
Life Time members reflect on the need for community and health — and why they feel confident being back at the club despite challenging times.
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