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Latest Stories

Shawna Green
By Shawna Green
How a single mom emerged from a challenging year healthier, happier, and more connected with her kids.
couple with newborn
By Jenn Mears, NP
When a family health crisis pushed a self-reliant mom to the breaking point, she found the strength to admit she couldn’t do it all herself.
By Barbara Gibson
How a mom with debilitating knee pain found the strength to heal — thanks to her daughter’s generosity.
By Lisa Brannan-Blair
How one woman danced her way to a health and wellness transformation.
By Michael Adams
How a busy husband, father, and business owner moved beyond excuses and made his health and fitness a priority.
By Michele Martin
How one woman changed the course of her life — with some help from her friends — to come back better than ever.
By Kristin Lupino
How one woman avoided a hysterectomy by using nutrition to rebalance her hormones — naturally.
Jason Johnson with a woman
By Jason Johnson
Heeding a desperate call to change, one man sets his will on reclaiming his health and fitness.
By Jenny Paul
How a photo inspired one woman to change her life — and the image she projects to the world.
Naddir Eldeeb
By Naddir Eldeeb
How a determined friend helped one man lose 225 pounds and reclaim his sense of self.
Melanie Meren
By Melanie Kadlic Meren
Motherhood forces a self-employed consultant to adjust — and readjust — her health and fitness goals.
Strong Man: Stephen Preusz's Success Story
By Stephen Preusz
Sudden kidney failure changed one man’s life overnight and required him to fight back for survival.
A woman stands and smiles
By Joe Hart
Shortly after being diagnosed with MS, Kelli Merritt completed a 5K to prove the disease wouldn't rule her life.
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