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The last year proved to be a challenge for most of us when it came to our health and fitness and keeping our routines even slightly normal. Many of us struggled to stay motivated and accountable to programs and regimens, even if we had several options for how to workout at home.

After talking with many of our members, it was clear they needed and wanted some sort of virtual program that provided the right tools to use at home (or at the club in areas without temporary closures) while also layering on the accountability of a coach who would lead them along the way.

Over the 2020 holiday season we launched our very first all-virtual 60day Challenge to support this need and let me tell you, the results were incredible. Hundreds of members submitted their stories of success and transformative before and after photos. And although there were so many powerful testimonials, after our annual member-voting was complete, four individuals were awarded as our grand prize winners.

How did they use the 60day to overcome their personal challenges in this tumultuous time? Check out their insights below. And if you’re interested in using the 60day Challenge to dial in your own fitness and nutrition routine, you can click here to register for our next one.


Danny before and after

Overall Gains:

Danny dropped body fat while also gaining muscle — and all while reigniting his inner fire for fitness. He carried a unique goal of meeting one new member each day and learning about their individual fitness journey, which added a supportive layer of camaraderie to his routine.

How the 60day Challenge Helped:

Danny gained community support from the other 60day participants, as well as used the program to help him refocus and bring momentum to his fitness routine. He took full advantage of the many group classes and programs available at Life Time, including Alpha and GTX group training and SURRENDER yoga classes. He also learned there was opportunity to improve his nutrition and filled in the gaps with specific supplementation.

What’s Next for Danny:

While he’s proud of his measurable improvements — including dropping an entire percentage of fat — Danny is most excited to now be part of a community at Life Time and is ready and eager to raise the bar again with his next challenge.

Danny’s full testimonial can be found here.


Kathy before and after

Overall Gains:

Kathy lost 19 pounds, gained muscle, and increased her strength and stability enough to be able to walk a flight of stairs, something she was previously unable to do due to a lifelong knee condition. She went from using no weights in her training to 10-pound weights and has a goal to continue to increase.

How the 60day Challenge Helped:

Kathy credits the emails from coaches and included content such as the workouts and nutrition guidance with keeping her feeling motivated and supported throughout the entire 60 days. She also had the support of a trainer, Lane, who she praises for solid nutrition advice (including her new habit of incorporating a daily meal replacement shake) and helping to keep her mindset positive and focused on her progress whenever she was feeling discouraged.

What’s Next for Kathy:

The 60day was the kickoff to more fitness challenges for Kathy. She says her progress has motivated her to continue on a journey of better health. She’s committed to refining her daily workouts, improving her nutrition, and focusing on getting 10,000-plus steps per day.

Kathy’s full testimonial can be found here.


Aaron before and after

Overall Gains:

Aaron lost 47 pounds and brought his body fat down to 7 percent while also gaining both energy and mental clarity. He broke the habit he had of not being able to stick with a program and stayed on track with his fitness for the full 60 days of the challenge.

How the 60day Challenge Helped:

To help him remain committed this time around, Aaron connected with his support group of friends at the club and enlisted the help of his personal trainer, Nikki, as well as used some key components of the 60day, including the nutrition videos, regular coach emails, and in-app features such as the coaching chat and motivational messages.

What’s Next for Aaron:

Aaron says he feels great that his results came from true habit changes and consistency. His goal is to maintain the healthy habits he’s formed while continuing to focus on living a long life of health and mobility.

Aaron’s full testimonial can be found here.


Stephanie before and after

Overall Gains:

By the end of the 60day, Stephanie was down 19 pounds, had doubled her monthly miles ran, and had shaved almost a minute off her average mile time.

How the 60day Challenge Helped:

Although she’s participated in 60days in the past, this was Stephanie’s most successful one. She says her greatest tools this time around included her GTX group training class with her coach Alyssa, as well as reframing her nutrition mindset and habits to give up yo-yo dieting and restrictive eating and instead focus on nourishing her body with the 60day recipes — all while also not feeling deprived over the holidays.

What’s Next for Stephanie:

This 60day jump-started a new fitness and nutrition journey for Stephanie. After running Life Time’s virtual Commitment Day 5K, she says she’s looking forward to participating in more virtual races this year.

Stephanie’s full testimonial can be found here.

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Anika Christ, RD, CPT

Anika Christ is a registered dietitian, personal trainer, and the senior director of nutrition and weight loss at Life Time. She’s known to many as “Coach Anika,” and is one of the original virtual coaches who continues to lead a number of digital programs each year. She started at Life Time in 2008 and has spent her entire career helping build Life Time’s nutrition and fat-loss programs. When she’s not at work, she enjoys reading, lifting weights with her husband, and playing with her two daughters.

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