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Person holding a yoga pose in a Warrior Sculpt class at Life Time

4 Moves You’ll See in Warrior Sculpt

By Emily Ewen

What to expect in this fast-paced class that blends yoga, cardio, and strength training into one challenging workout.

a person checks the air quality on their phone

How Do I Know If it’s Safe to Exercise Outside?

By Jessica Migala

Wildfires, smog, and other environmental issues can cause poor air quality. Consider these four factors when contemplating an outdoor workout.

Which Cardio Class Is Right for Me?

Which Cardio Class Is Right for Me?

By Emily Ewen

A breakdown of the five cardio classes offered at Life Time and what you can expect in each format.

People taking a cycle class at Life Time

Which Indoor Cycle Class Is Right for Me?

By Emily Ewen

A breakdown of the five indoor cycle classes at Life Time and what you can expect in each.

Three people taking a kickboxing class at Life Time

Which Boxing Class Is Right for Me?

By Emily Ewen

Discover the three boxing and kickboxing classes offered at Life Time and what you can expect in each.

Four people in a dance class at Life TIme

Which Dance Class Is Right for Me?

By Emily Ewen

A breakdown of the four dance classes offered at Life Time and what you can expect in each.

row of workout machines on workout floor

How to Use 4 Popular Cardio Machines

By Emily Ewen

A Dynamic Personal Trainer explains four common cardio machines — and offers advice for adding them to your workout routine.

woman with hands on hips

5 Life Time Experts Share Their Healthy-Living Goals

By Callie Fredrickson

Plus, the daily habits they prioritize to ensure they achieve them.

a woman running a treadmill with air pods

Listening Games

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

Music-based workouts are a fun way to mix up a treadmill routine. Our fitness editor shares a favorite playlist.

life time talks metabolic assessment

Why Active Metabolic Assessment?

With Anika Christ, CPT, RD
Season 7, Episode 14

The Active Metabolic Assessment, often referred to as an AMA, is a test that assesses your current fitness status and provides data that can inform your fitness program and make your workouts more efficient. Anika Christ, CPT, RD, explains what the AMA is, the data you get from it, why that information is important, and how to use it to tailor your exercise regimen.

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reverse burpee

How to Do the Reverse Burpee

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

This playful variation on a classic exercise delivers similar strength and cardio benefits — minus the pushup.

woman on bike machine

9 Tips for Great Workouts Even When You’re Short on Time

By Callie Fredrickson

Life Time performers share their advice for maximizing your fitness efforts when you’re in a time crunch.

a man sprints off a starting block

Boost Your Fitness With Sprint Interval Training

By Julie Dulude

Sprint interval training (SIT) can improve your fitness performance and transform your body at the cellular level. Learn more and get started with these workouts from Olympic athlete Mechelle Lewis Freeman.

Three people in the pool doing a water workout

The Joint-Friendly Water Workout

By Emily Ewen

These pool-based cardio and strength exercises are easy on your joints — and all together add up to good workout.

Mechelle freeman life time talks smiling photo

Sprints, Strength, and Balance: A Look at Ultra Fit Training

With Mechelle Lewis Freeman, Olympian and Ultra Fit Coach
Season 6, Episode 13

The blend of sprinting with strength and balance work makes Ultra Fit training unique in its ability to improve your functional fitness and push you to your athletic limits. It’s also why Bahram Akradi, the founder and CEO of Life Time and developer of this format, describes Ultra Fit as one of the “most efficient, effective workouts.” In this episode, track and field Olympian and Ultra Fit Coach Mechelle Lewis Freeman digs into the science behind the training and explains how it’s designed to challenge your body and brain through every stage of life.

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Life Time Talks Omaur and woman on fitness floor

The Importance of Heart-Rate Zone Training

With Omaur Bliss, GTX Coach
Season 6, Episode 9

Understanding your heart-rate zones allows you to approach your fitness efforts in a more personalized way — working at the right intensity level and tapping into the right fuel source for your body at the right time. Omaur Bliss, GTX Coach, explains more about the benefits of this type of training and the ways it’s integrated into GTX programming.

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Life Time Talks Omaur professional photo and fitness floor

Why GTX?

With Omaur Bliss, GTX Coach
Season 6, Episode 8

GTX is a signature group training format at Life Time that’s a 50/50 blend of cardio and strength. But what is the class like? What results does it elicit? And how does it differ from other training programs? In this mini episode, Omaur Bliss, GTX Coach, shares those details and more about this format.

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Dance instructor dancing and smiling

The Danze Jam Workout

By Life Time

Move and groove like you’re on the dance floor — and get in a full-body cardio workout — with this 30-minute version of Life Time’s Danze Jam class.

a man jumping rope

How to Do the Double-Under

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

Master this heart-pumping jump-rope move to boost your cardio, balance, and coordination.

a woman sprinting on a bridge

The Health Benefits of Sprint-Interval Training (SIT)

By Julie Dulude

All-out sprint intervals can boost your fitness — and transform your body at a cellular level.

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