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a decluttered utensil drawer

APRIL CHALLENGE: Declutter Your Spaces

By Experience Life Staff
Build healthy patterns with our One Healthy Habit challenge. This month, we sort through all the stuff.
a person carries a box of donations

PUMPING IRONY: Emotional Baggage

By Craig Cox
Determined to begin culling nearly a half-century of accumulated stuff in our basement, I encounter some fraught emotions and conflicting priorities — and a little holiday magic.
a array of colorful high heel shoes

4 Ways to Put the Brakes on Ultrafast Fashion

By Katie Dohman
Industry insiders offer tips on how to make your style more sustainable.
Christine Platt

The Liberation of Less: Christine Platt

By Courtney Helgoe
For the author, advocate, and Afrominimalist, there’s more than one way to live a simpler life.
kitchen with essential items out for ease of use

The Minimalist Kitchen

By Kaelyn Riley
By taking a streamlined approach, you'll have more space in your kitchen — and room in your budget — for the tools you'll actually use.
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