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Person balancing on one leg holding the other knee into their chest

3 Fitness Tests That Can Offer Insights About Your Potential Longevity

By Emily Ewen

The ability to perform these simple tests can be predicative of overall health.

Close-up of two feet with white sneakers walking on a treadmill.

3 Ways to Walk for Healthy Aging

By Emily Ewen

Walking offers many health benefits — here’s how to add more of it to your weekly routine.

Person jogging on a beach

Just Keep Moving: 5 Tips for Easing Back Into Fitness After Surgery

By Emily Ewen

An ARORA-certified Dynamic Personal Trainer offers recommendations for safely returning to exercise.

Annie Kragness and Renee Main, co-founders of ARORA at Life Time

ARORA Founder Favorites: 6 Activities to Try

By Renée Main and Annie Kragness

The creators of this expanding healthy-aging program at Life Time share their favorite ARORA activities to participate in at the club.

woman with hands on hips

5 Life Time Experts Share Their Healthy-Living Goals

By Callie Fredrickson

Plus, the daily habits they prioritize to ensure they achieve them.

a woman sit on a meditation cushion

ONE HEALTHY HABIT: Sit on the Floor Daily

By Experience Life Staff

Support your health, mobility, and longevity by regularly getting down on the ground and then rising from it.

Barre studio with a row of exercise mats

5 Healthy-Aging Benefits of Barre

By Emily Ewen

The creator of ARORA Barre on the advantages of this exercise format for active older adults.

a woman stands on one leg

How Can I Improve My Balance?

By Sarah Tuff

Try simple activities — like standing on one foot while brushing your teeth — to incorporate balance into your daily routine.

a senior man holding a red weight

PUMPING IRONY: On Aging, Attitude, and Activity

By Craig Cox

Dreading the idea of growing old? A new study suggests such a view may keep you from engaging in the physical activity necessary to age gracefully.

Susan Zemke working with her Dynamic Personal Trainer.

Life Time in the News: “New Hope Gym Helps 71-Year-Old Set Weightlifting Records”

By Life Time Editorial Team

How one Life Time member’s training efforts are helping her increase her strength to a competitive level.

Renee Main, co-founder of ARORA programming at Life Time

All About the ARORA Intro to Healthy Living Program

By Emily Ewen

Everything you need to know about this digital fitness program that features six weeks of workouts and educational content.

Person stretching their arm

5 Ways to Improve Your Posture and Balance

By Emily Ewen

A Dynamic Personal Trainer offers tips for working on your posture and balance so you can reduce the risk of falling.

Life Time Dumbo pool

Life Time in the News: “Woman, 104, Who Swims Laps Every Day Shares Simple Tips for Long Life”

By Life Time Editorial Team

The oldest Life Time member in North America shares the insights she’s garnered about longevity.

4 Strength-Training Tips for Active Older Adults

4 Strength-Training Tips for Active Older Adults

By Emily Ewen

An ARORA-certified trainer offers advice for starting or maintaining an effective resistance-training routine, along with guidance for balancing it with low-impact cardio efforts.

two people walking

Do You Have Knee Osteoarthritis? Walking May Help.

By Michael Dregni

Walking may decrease knee pain among those with osteoarthritis — and it may even prevent additional joint damage, according to a recent study.

a couple rides a tandem bike

Can Exercise Mitigate the Effects of Parkinson’s?

By Craig Cox

Bouts of high-intensity exercise may ease the effects of this common neurodegenerative disease, according to a recent study.

an older woman holds a twisted yoga pose

The Importance of Maintaining Mobility as You Age

By Lauren Bedosky

Mobility is a critical component of aging well. Experts explain how to maintain it for the long haul.

A few women smiling in the pool while taking a break from exercising.

The Joint-Friendly Water Workout

By Emily Ewen

These pool-based cardio and strength exercises are easy on your joints — and all together add up to good workout.

a woman with silver hair meditates to slow aging

From Antiaging to Proaging

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

As she approaches a milestone birthday, our fitness editor considers her motivation to keep moving.

Person sitting on a treadmill tying their shoe

Exercising Safely with Parkinson’s Disease

By Emily Ewen

Consistent exercise can help slow the progression of Parkinson’s. Experts weigh in on how to get the best results.

a man walks on a nature trail with walking poles

How Walking Enhances Healthy Aging

By Nicole Radziszewski

Regular walks can help stave off cardiovascular disease and dementia — and may even increase your lifespan.

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