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Annie Kragness and Renee Main, co-founders of ARORA at Life Time

Two years ago, in January 2022, Life Time launched ARORA, a community for active older adults that aims to help members stay healthy, active, and social as they age. The programming includes activities like fitness classes, specialized training, sports, events, and educational workshops.

We knew that these offerings would resonate with our members, but it’s growth has exceeded our expectations. We are beyond happy with the success of the program.

To celebrate two years of learning and expansion, we’re sharing our favorite ways to get involved with the ARORA healthy-aging activities at Life Time. We hope to see you at the club soon!

Renée Main

Senior vice president and cofounder of ARORA at Life Time

1. ARORA Strength

I loved this class so much that I got certified to teach it this past year and started teaching in July 2023. Building and maintaining muscle mass is critical as we age, and many of us don’t get enough strength training in our routines. ARORA Strength is designed to work every major muscle group in a fun and safe environment.

2. ARORA Gentle Yoga

I enjoy this class because it packs in all the benefits of yoga, but the class format is fully guided by the instructor in a gentle, calming way. (Learn more at “Which ARORA Class Is Right for You?”)

3. ARORA Events

Attending ARORA events is often the highlight of my month. It truly energizes me to engage with members as they enjoy a variety of activities — including BINGO, social cycle, dance, and more — and come together for socializing afterward.

Annie Kragness

Director of healthy aging and cofounder of ARORA at Life Time 

4. ARORA Dance

Dance is so good for your mind, body, and soul, and I’m so glad we launched this ARORA format.  It doesn’t matter if you were a dancer growing up or you have never danced before — you will have a ball.  You’ll walk out of class with a smile on your face and a little extra pep in your step. I find myself dancing around the house the rest of the day. (Read more: “Finding My Groove Again.”)

5. ARORA Open Play Pickleball

People who play pickleball are so passionate about it, and they can help you love the game too. I find that our pickleball-playing members are always eager to help newcomers learn to play. Pickleball provides the friendly competitive outlet that I need sometimes. It’s also a great way to move my body. Now I just need to play more!

6. ARORA Aqua

My mom is an avid ARORA Aqua attendee, so I’ve seen first-hand the impact it can have on people’s health both physically and socially. I’ve attended classes across many clubs and I love ARORA Aqua because the community is so friendly. It’s fun to get in the pool and use the water’s resistance to work my muscles in a different way than I would on land. And, I’m constantly amazed at the many ways you can use a pool noodle to get a great workout.  (Read more: “More Than a Water Workout”)

To learn more about ARORA programming at your club, check your club’s class schedule online or in the Life Time Digital app. Note: Class offerings may vary by location.

Annie Kragness and Renee Main, co-founders of ARORA at Life Time
Renée Main and Annie Kragness

Renée Main is the senior vice president and cofounder of ARORA at Life Time and Annie Kragness is the director of healthy aging and cofounder of ARORA at Life Time.

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