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Ze Pierce
By Ze’ Pierce
Struggling with body dysmorphia, a former model improves his health and fitness — and uncovers a passion for helping others do the same.
a bowl of potato chips
By Marco Dregni
Big Food engineers foods like chocolate, ice cream, French fries, and chips to be addictive. Here's how.
a woman stands in front of a snowy pine tree with her eyes closed
By Henry Emmons, MD
How taking time to do nothing can lead us to our better selves.
colored pencils of varying lengths with a line graph above
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
Metabolism peaks in infancy, according to a recent study.
an illustration of a calendar with healthy items
By Stephanie Soucheray
Take the long view of the year ahead with this seasonal map of health-supporting reminders.
A woman relaxing in a chair in her home with her hands placed behind her head.
By Callie Fredrickson
Life Time experts share their predictions for what will be top of mind in the coming year.
an illustration of a woman sitting cross legged with a lotus flower in her had and dna/cells
By Mo Perry
Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and other autoimmune conditions are on the rise, partly because of the prevalence of long COVID. Discover what can trigger autoimmunity and how a functional-medicine approach can help.
a woman looks at her phone with the image of a salad on it
By Jill Patton
Our society’s obsession with dieting can damage our health. These eight strategies can help.
a row of people perform side plank in a studio
By Michael Dregni
How fit you can get may depend on individual differences in proteins associated with bones, muscles, and blood vessels, according to a recent study.
a person holds a glass of red wine
By Mo Perry
Here's the nitty-gritty on exactly how your body processes that glass of red wine.
a woman drinks a glass of wine while looking out a window
By Mo Perry
Estrogen levels can influence how quickly we metabolize alcohol. Here's how.
various soap and lotion dispensers
By Jessie Sholl
Many of the most popular personal-care items contain toxins that can mess with your health. Here are ingredients to avoid — and tips for finding worthy alternatives.
a man with silver toasts with wine
By Mo Perry
As we get older, we process alcohol less efficiently. Here's why.
A sick woman in bed holds her head in her hands.
By Michael Dregni
How to tell them apart during influenza season and the ongoing pandemic.
a person puts a cup into a full dishwasher
By Craig Cox
Recent research suggests that my regular efforts to tidy up the house may help my aging brain and body function more smoothly.
Dr. Marty Makary

Our health-care industry can be confusing and difficult to navigate — and it presents challenges when the lifestyle changes that can help manage or prevent illnesses aren’t considered. Marty Makary, MPH, offers a transparent look at the industry and underscores why lifestyle changes are such important factors in the quality of our health.

a simple nightstand
By Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl
The journalist, visionary, and Experience Life founder talks about her morning practice, the learner's mind, and healthy-deviant mocktails.
a person holds a mobile phone with healthcare features
By Craig Cox
The pandemic may have a silver lining, according to a recent study: increased in-home-care options and "high-value" medical treatments.
wine glasses with rose
By Mo Perry
Alcohol seems to affect us all differently — and even affect our own bodies differently over time. Here are answers to some of your questions about booze and the body.
a man holds avocados over his eyes like a mask
By Experience Life Staff
Small, satisfying food moments can bring big, valuable pleasure to our lives.
a massage therapist places her hands on a client's stomach
By Mo Perry
Massage can lower cortisol levels and enhance dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, all of which helps with pain relief.
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