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a tractor plowing a field

How Conventional Farming Practices Harm the Soil

By Kristin Ohlson

Widespread farming practices like monoculture planting and the use of chemical fertilizers have a detrimental effect on soil health.

people carry beets in a wooden crate

7 Ways to Find Food From Good Soil

By Kristin Ohlson

Some food and farm activists want to see an official “soil health” label — much like the federally regulated organic label — but for now, nothing like this exists to guide consumers. Finding food grown in good soil requires some detective work. Experts offer these clues.

a person in a suit stands with his hand on his head and arrows pointing in every direction

The Rise of Adult ADHD

By Alexandra Smith, MA, LPCC

The number of adults diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is growing more than four times faster than diagnoses among children. What’s behind this trend — and what are the latest treatments?

s person applies lotion to their feet

What Is Wrong With the Skin on My Feet?

By Mo Perry

Plantar warts, fungal infections, and thyroid dysfunction can all affect the skin on your feet. Here’s why.

a man rubs his pregnant wife's feet

Why Are My Feet Swollen?

By Mo Perry

Edema is a common cause for swollen feet and ankles. Here’s what you can do about it.

hands on a foot

What Causes Toe Pain?

By Mo Perry

Gout, bunions, and ingrown toenails are some common reasons your toe might hurt. Here’s what you can do to alleviate and prevent discomfort.

a woman changes from high heels to tennis shoes

Why Are My Feet So Stiff?

By Mo Perry

Discover what contributes to stiff feet — and what you can do to alleviate discomfort.

people walk across a river on boulders while barefoot

The Benefits of Going Barefoot

By Mo Perry

Here’s why some podiatrists recommend ditching your shoes or using minimalist footwear.

rolling out feet

Why Does My Heel Hurt and How Can I Ease the Pain?

By Mo Perry

Plantar fasciitis is a common culprit. Learn what you can do to alleviate discomfort.

a group of people hang their feet over a dock

What Your Feet Are Trying to Tell You

By Mo Perry

Not only do your feet carry you from place to place, but they can provide early warning signs for diabetes, thyroid problems, and even heart disease. Here’s what your feet may be saying about your overall health.

a woman holds a bmi machine's handles

Why BMI Is a Flawed Metric

By Craig Cox

Body mass index (BMI) is not the way to diagnose obesity. Here’s why.

a person sits on their couch with an ipad

Take the Sitting Score Test

By Kelly Starrett, DPT, and Juliet Starrett

Take this assessment to help gauge your sedentary habits — and inspire you to make strides toward a healthier, more active lifestyle.

a person riding a bike

10 Common Causes of Pelvic-Floor Dysfunction

By Lauren Bedosky

Pregnancy and childbirth are common causes of pelvic-floor dysfunction, but so are stress, surgery, and even bicycling. Here are some other causes.

a woman stands up from a chair while rubbing her back

The Vital Role Standing — Versus Sitting — Plays in Your Health

By Kelly Starrett, DPT, and Juliet Starrett

Sitting for long periods might be common, but it can undermine your health. Standing up, however, is a simple act that can infuse your day with beneficial movement.

a woman sits on the floor holding butterfly pose

The 5 S’s of Pelvic-Floor Function

By Lauren Bedosky

The “Five S’s” is a mnemonic encompassing the five major functions of the pelvic floor. Here’s what they are.

a woman sits on a chair with her hand on her head as though in pain

What Are Some Common Symptoms of Pelvic-Floor Dysfunction?

By Lauren Bedosky

Pelvic-floor tightness and pelvic-floor weakness are the two main categories of pelvic-floor dysfunction. Here’s why.

a PT holds her hand on a woman's belly who is lying on the floor breathing

3 Strategies for Improving Pelvic-Floor Health

By Lauren Bedosky

Learn about diaphragmatic breathing, exercises for strength and flexibility, and when to seek professional support to address pelvic-floor issues.

Debbie Friedlander

How One Woman Survived Breast Implant Illness

By Debbie Friedlander

Debbie Friedlander on how she is finding relief from breast implant illness 25 years after undergoing a preventive mastectomy.


What You Need to Know About the Eye Microbiome

By Michael Dregni

Recent research reveals our eyes have a microbiome, just like the gut and skin do. Learn how this finding may be used to treat eye disorders.

a glass of red wine

New Research: No Amount of Alcohol Is Healthy?

By Craig Cox

Recent research is challenging the notion that moderate alcohol consumption is beneficial for health. Some experts are arguing for complete abstinence due to it’s significant link to major health risks. Learn more about their findings.

a person gets their eyes checked

The Controversy Surrounding Lasik Eye Surgery

By Michael Dregni

This highly popular elective procedure has been under scrutiny as the FDA contemplates issuing warnings regarding potential complications. Learn more.

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