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a man sits at the side of road looking looking tired

High Blood Sugar May Undermine Workouts

By Michael Dregni

A recent study suggests we might want to limit our sugar intake.

a woman holds the side of her cheek as though in pain

Why Do I Have Cavities?

By Mo Perry

Here are some root causes of cavities — and what you can do about them.

illustration of a mouth and all the symptoms that stem from it

What Your Mouth Is Trying to Tell You

By Mo Perry

Oral health is intricately connected to the rest of the body. Here’s why it matters — and how to read those niggling mouth symptoms.

orange pills and pill pack

Another Side of Statins

By Craig Cox

New research suggests that some statins may mitigate the growth of certain cancers.

Lindsay Ogden

Habit Hacking for Health: A 4-Step Plan

With Lindsay Ogden
Season 3, Episode 2

Results are a lagging indicator of our habits. Lindsay Ogden, CPT, nutrition coach, walks us through her four-step process — what she calls the IPTR method — for developing lasting health habits, so you have the know-how and a tactical plan to go after your goals.

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A woman in a fitness facility working out on a resistance machine.

The Need for Self-Care

By Molly Kopischke

Overcoming blockers to — and guilt around — self-care can be challenging, especially for women. But making time to care for yourself is vital for your health and well-being — and for your family, too.

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