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a woman relaxes poolside

6 Products to Elevate Your Pool Day

By Experience Life Staff

Check out some of our favorite essentials for a summertime outing.

people clink glasses together

Sip, Savor, and Enjoy! 6 Refreshing Mocktails

By Experience Life Staff

Try these ready-to-drink mocktails at your next gathering or for a relaxing evening at home.

a person stands with a cloth bag filled with groceries

6 Single-Use Products to Replace

By Experience Life Staff

It’s time to start replacing those single-use products. Here are some sustainable swaps.

woman wearing black athletic clothes

10 New Life Time Apparel Pieces to Add to Your Closet

By Callie Fredrickson

This collection of performance-driven apparel is designed to enhance your athletic endeavors and to help you move effortlessly in your active lifestyle.

a person wearing slippers

6 of Our Favorite Slippers

By Experience Life Staff

High-quality slippers for keeping your feet comfy and warm.

a cup of coffee

10 Products to Elevate Your Morning Coffee or Tea Ritual

By Kaelyn Riley

Start your day off right with our favorite coffee and tea gear.

people standing on a bosu

How to Use Unstable-Surface Tools (USTs) for Balance Training

By Sarah Tuff

Tools like wobble boards, Power Plates, and BOSU balls can help prevent injury and improve stability.

a hand holding packaging free soap

Our Favorite Skincare Products — With Plastic-Free Packaging

By Experience Life Staff

Sumptuous, sustainable body-care products — all packaged without plastic.

a woman relaxes at the beach

5 of Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Beach Products

By Experience Life Staff

Enhance your time by the water with these sustainable goods.

a little boy helps his mom make homemade popsicles

Kitchen Items for Summer Fun!

By Experience Life Staff

From making your own ice cream to keeping your wine chilled on a hot evening, these items are sure to enhance your summer experience.

environmentally sustainable treats

5 Tasty and Sustainable Treats

By Experience Life Staff

Enjoy the present and take care of the future with these snacks and beverages.

people walk up stairs

Step into Comfort: Walking Shoes for All-Day Comfort

By Experience Life Staff

Here are five of our favorite shoes that can go the distance.

a woman stands at her desk stretching her quad

Create a Healthy Work Space With These Desk-Worthy Goods

By Experience Life Staff

Make your office space better for your body.

a person holds a small, wrapped gift

Edible Holiday Gift Ideas

By Experience Life Staff

Treats to satisfy just about everyone on your list.

eggs in an egg cooker

9 Kitchen Gadgets That Are Worth the Hype

By Kaelyn Riley

We’re living in the golden age of kitchen gadgets and gizmos. Consider adding one of these to your repertoire or gifting one to the cook in your life.

a person pours a glass of water

5 of Our Favorite Water Filters

By Experience Life Staff

Quench your thirst with these filters for at home and on the go.

a variety of natural sleep aids

6 Natural Remedies to Help You Sleep Better

By Experience Life Staff

Having trouble sleeping? Try these comforting remedies to help you drift off.

gluten free bread

Try Our Favorite Gluten-Free Breads and Wraps

By Experience Life Staff

Making a sandwich? Sub in these gluten-free breads and wraps — they truly satisfy.

glass dishes with various spices and liquids

13 Global Condiments to Use

By Camille Berry

Explore an array of international condiments and sauces — and get ideas for experimenting with them in your next meal.

a father and daughter bake in the kitchen

5 Kid-Friendly Cooking Tools

By Experience Life Staff

Welcome kiddos into the kitchen with these tools, including scaled-down baking sheets and serrated safety knives.

photo composite of various compression garments

Do Compression Garments Work?

By Nicole Radziszewski

Compression garments and devices manipulate your circulatory system to boost performance and recovery. Are they right for you?

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