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a variety of natural sleep aids

1. Peace Patch

The Nite Nite patch from the Good Patch is infused with a potent combination of hemp extract and melatonin. Great for travel. $16 for a four-pack at

2. Sleep Balm

Most sleep aids are too strong for kids, but this gentle bedtime balm from Badger safely settles little ones with the scent of lavender and chamomile. From $7 at

natural sleep alternatives

3. Deep Breaths

The de Mamiel sleep series combines a garden’s worth of subtly fragrant essential oils with sleep-supporting minerals and B vitamins. Apply to pulse points to calm a racing mind. $70 at

4. Goodnight Kiss

Rich with raw coconut oil, infused with blue chamomile, and scented with Peru balsam and vanilla, Hurraw’s vegan Moon Lip Balm will soothe your mind and your lips. $5 at ­­

5. Skin Soother

Magnesium is a valuable mineral for healthy sleep. ModernRoots organic balm combines a healthy dose of it with beeswax and essential oils. Apply a dime-size dollop once daily. From $12 at

6. Sweet Dreams

These raspberry gummies combine 10 mg of Charlotte’s Web premium-quality CBD with melatonin to help you drift off on time and sleep deeply. From $30 at

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