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two people sit on a bench overlooking the ocean

What Is Social Rest?

By Jessie Sholl

Do you feel alone or worn down by certain people? Discover the signs that you need more social rest and with whom to find it.

kids playing at Life Time

Perks for Parents: 5 Things Included for Kids in a Junior Membership

By Callie Fredrickson

Explore how your family can maximize their membership and take advantage of its complimentary offerings.

illio depicting the effects of Parkinson's disease

Fighting Parkinson’s

By Michael Dregni

We’re in the midst of a Parkinson’s disease crisis. Explore the causes of the world’s fastest growing neurological disorder — and discover the innovative new treatments and functional therapies that can help patients live long and productive lives.

Person standing outside below a blue sky with arms out in a T position

Go-To Healthy-Living Gift Ideas for Dad

By Emily Ewen

Support your dad’s — or any father figure’s — healthy lifestyle with these curated options from the LT Shop.

woman and child in the pool together

The Many (Many!) Ways to Keep Your Kids Active and Engaged This Summer

By Callie Fredrickson

Classes, swimming, pickleball, and more — the options are endless for your kid’s summer at Life Time.

Annie Kragness with her daughter and her mother.

The Lessons Our Moms Teach Us

By Annie Kragness

The cofounder of Life Time’s ARORA program reflects on the lasting influence her mom has had on who she is and continues to strive to be.

a family enjoys dinner together

9 Tips for Scheduling — and Actually Enjoying — Family Meals

By Jon Spayde

For hectic families, enjoying a meal together may feel like a luxury. These tips can help make the dream a reality.

face with shadows

Healthy-Living Gifts Any Mom Is Sure to Love

By Callie Fredrickson

Simplify Mother’s Day shopping with these gift ideas curated to support health.

Justin Sutherland

Chef Justin Sutherland on Food, Culture, and the Importance of Community

By Courtney Lewis Opdahl

The chef, TV host, and cookbook author dishes on deepening our connections and celebrating food culture.

a woman shares something she read online with her friend

What to Do When a Loved One Posts Misinformation

By Jon Spayde

Misinformation is all around us, even in our social circles. Learn how to respond to it without losing your cool.

a woman meets with her family to share her recent medical diagnosis

How to Share a Difficult Diagnosis

By Jessie Sholl

The decision to disclose an illness to others is often a complicated one. This guidance can help you share the news your way.

A wheel chair in a nursing home


By Craig Cox

The sudden closure of a Pennsylvania nursing home highlights the postpandemic challenges facing an increasingly troubled industry.

two people holding hands and Laura's headshot

Caring for Caregivers

With Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, MSW
Season 7, Episode 20

Whether you’re in a position of caregiving for loved ones or in an industry in which it’s your job to do so, caring for others can take an invisible toll on one’s health. It’s made even more challenging by the lack or absence of societal systems to support caregivers.

Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, MSW, explains the effects of caregiving, including the corresponding struggles you may experience — such as trauma, decision fatigue, and overwhelm. She also shares ideas for how caregivers can care for themselves and support their well-being.

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a group gathers for the holidays

4 Reasons to Host or Attend a Holiday Gathering

By Jill Patton, FMCHC

Though they can sometimes feel like too much trouble to host or attend, holiday gatherings can actually support our health. These are some of the ways.

Two people are pictured with a cactus tree in the background.

What We Can Learn From Indigenous Wellness: A Q&A With Thosh Collins and Chelsey Luger

By Kate Nelson

The husband-and-wife team talk about Native American ancestral knowledge and the importance of decolonizing wellness.

headshot of Jamie Martin, editor in chief of Experience Life magazine

In a Word

By Jamie Martin

Experience Life‘s editor-in-chief reflects on celebrating the whole you — including the parts that are vulnerable, challenging, and hard to acknowledge.

a customer engages with a barista

Make a Micro-Connection

By Experience Life Staff

This month’s One Healthy Habit challenge supports your social health by encouraging positive encounters with others.

breastcancer pink ribbon and headshots of becky and jayme

Leaning on a Breast Friend: How Two Women Supported Each Other Through Their Breast Cancer Journeys

With Jayme Zylstra and Becky Attard
Season 7, Episode 10

Breast cancer affects one in eight women in the United States every year, and 2.3 million women worldwide. Every breast cancer story is different, and in this episode, we’re highlighting two — and sharing how these two women connected along their journeys to become “breast friends” and irreplaceable sources of support for one another.

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a couple sits talking to each other

Why It’s So Hard to Talk About Sex

By Laine Bergeson Becco

Here are four common misunderstandings that make it challenging to talk to our partners about sex.

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