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a customer engages with a barista

Loneliness is an epidemic, but meaningful ­encounters with others can support your overall well-being and happiness. While deep connections in your close relationships are vital, even micromoments can improve your sense of belonging.

Take Action

Ask a barista or store clerk, “How are you doing?” and really mean it. Make eye contact, smile, and wave to passersby. Call or text a friend. Mail a card to long-distance relatives. Set an intention to be present in your interactions

Here Are More Ways to Create Micro-Connections

two people talk in a restaurant

5 Ways to Increase Your Social Connections

How to use gratitude, reciprocity, altruism, choice, and enjoyment to cope with loneliness.
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hands joined together

How to Create a Sense of Belonging

Community is more than your immediate neighborhood. Find connection with those who share your values.
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two women talk and laugh at a coffee shop

7 Simple Ways to Improve Social Connection

Our screens often keep us from fully engaging with the people right in front of us. Discover several strategies to show that you’re present.
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4 people work in a community garden

The Power of Community Gardens

Community gardens offer a wide array of benefits: beautifying the landscape, fighting food insecurity, helping people come together, and more.
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people cheers at a festively adorned table

5 Rules for Gathering

Great gatherings don’t usually happen by chance — they’re created with care. These five tips can make holiday get-togethers both meaningful and fun.
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an illustration of chairs with books resting on the seats

The Benefits of a Book Club

A bibliophile’s guide to creating — and sustaining — a great reading group.
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One Healthy Habit

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