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a person pours a glass of water

1. Carbon Clean

carbon clean water filter

Carbon Clean Aarke’s Purifier, an elegant glass-and-steel pitcher, cleans water with activated carbon filter granules; those are refillable, so there are no plastic filters to throw away. $150 at

2. Easy Sips

people drinking out of water bottles

Some filter bottles require vigorous suction to get water into your mouth, but Larq’s uses a low-pressure straw for easy drinking. Comes with a replaceable filter in the bottle; a purification cap is sold separately. From $58 at

3. The Last straw


Ideal for camping and other situations where you might need to drink unsafe water, the LifeStraw Peak Series Straw removes 99.999 percent of bacteria, parasites, and other microbial schmutz. $20 at

4. Good Taste

water filter by LifeStraw

Affordable and effective, the filter in this LifeStraw pitcher removes bacteria and parasites and reduces lead and chlorine. Best of all, it greatly improves taste. Available in BPA-free plastic ($40) or borosilicate glass ($60) at

5. Drink up

A Berkley filter on a kitchen counter

These handsome filter systems from Berkey remove more than 200 contaminants and come with a lifetime warranty. From $362 at

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