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$300 loan.
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1. Freshen Up

PureZone Mini Portable Air Purifier

Clear the air around your workspace with the PureZone Mini Portable Air Purifier. It’s quiet and includes a true HEPA filter. $45 at

2. Stand Tall

a standing desk workspace

Vary your position throughout the day (and avoid forming a hunch) with the adjustable QuickStand Eco desk converter. In laptop as well as single- or dual-monitor styles. From $529 at

3. See the light

Caddis blue light blocking glasses

The stylish blue-light-blocking glasses from Caddis can help reduce screen fatigue and protect your sleep from the overstimulating effects of blue light. With or without magnification. From $99 at

4. Glow On

PureGlow Himalayan salt lamp

Add some soft light to your workspace with the PureGlow. This sleek, modern take on a Himalayan salt lamp has five brightness settings and plugs into any USB port. $20 at

5. Breathe Deep

Aroma Om diffuser

Skip the afternoon coffee and get energized with the scent of essential oils. The Aroma Om diffuses a cool mist around your space, while the ceramic cover makes for elegant office decor. $98 at

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