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Spoon Fed

Ground Up nut butters

Who on your list likes nut butter straight from the jar? Treat them to this holiday-themed “tasting flight” — spiced, peanut-free nut butters with flavors like gingersnap and snickerdoodle. $30 at

Sea Change

Saltverk salts

These crunchy, flavorful sea salts from Saltverk are hand-harvested in the fjords of Iceland. The gift set includes a black lava salt and a birch-smoked salt. $50 at

Pure Pleasure

Fine & Raw chocolates

For the chocolate lover: Fine & Raw makes its handcrafted truffle gift set with coconut-sugar-sweetened dark chocolate and a range of add-ins, i­ncluding olive oil, hazel­nuts, and espresso. $28 at

Green Gold

Kyoord olive oil

Kyoord’s high-phenolic olive oil is the Mediterranean in a bottle: herby, peppery, and lush. It’s made from olives grown on a family farm in Corfu, Greece. $49 at

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