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a person stands with a cloth bag filled with groceries
Dot and Army reusable bowl covers

Good Cover

When you’re bringing a bowl of salad to a party or setting bread to rise, skip the plastic wrap and use these fabric bowl covers from Dot and Army instead.

$39 for three at

Rezip reusable baggies

Fresh Take

Rezip Co. makes its reusable, resealable bags from sturdy food-safe PEVA, with an airtight double-lock closure to keep food fresh.

$20 for a set of three at

Febu Swedish wash cloths

Swedish Style

Each reusable paper towel ­from FEBU replaces up to 17 rolls, can survive 50 trips through the washing ­machine, and makes your kitchen look way prettier.

$15 for five at

Maika tote

Cool Carry-On

Sturdy enough to transport groceries and stylish enough to bring your laptop to the café, this recycled-canvas tote from Maika is available in a wide range of colors and patterns.

$45 at

Nellie's Dish Butter

Simpler Soap

A reusable alternative to plastic bottles, this ceramic container holds a refillable bar of Nellie’s dish soap — just dab it with a dishcloth or brush and start scrubbing.

$20 at

Hitch nesting water bottles

Two for One

Nested within the handsome Hitch water bottle is a matching insulated coffee cup. Fill them both and stack the cup neatly on the water bottle for one-handed ease.

$68 at

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