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a woman sits on a chair with her hand on her head as though in pain

What Are Some Common Symptoms of Pelvic-Floor Dysfunction?

By Lauren Bedosky

Pelvic-floor tightness and pelvic-floor weakness are the two main categories of pelvic-floor dysfunction. Here’s why.

a PT holds her hand on a woman's belly who is lying on the floor breathing

3 Strategies for Improving Pelvic-Floor Health

By Lauren Bedosky

Learn about diaphragmatic breathing, exercises for strength and flexibility, and when to seek professional support to address pelvic-floor issues.

Debbie Friedlander

How One Woman Survived Breast Implant Illness

By Debbie Friedlander

Debbie Friedlander on how she is finding relief from breast implant illness 25 years after undergoing a preventive mastectomy.


What You Need to Know About the Eye Microbiome

By Michael Dregni

Recent research reveals our eyes have a microbiome, just like the gut and skin do. Learn how this finding may be used to treat eye disorders.

a glass of red wine

New Research: No Amount of Alcohol Is Healthy?

By Craig Cox

Recent research is challenging the notion that moderate alcohol consumption is beneficial for health. Some experts are arguing for complete abstinence due to it’s significant link to major health risks. Learn more about their findings.

a person gets their eyes checked

The Controversy Surrounding Lasik Eye Surgery

By Michael Dregni

This highly popular elective procedure has been under scrutiny as the FDA contemplates issuing warnings regarding potential complications. Learn more.

a woman hiking with water

What Are Some Ways I Can Stay Cool When Out and About During Hot Weather?

By Alexandra Smith, MA, LPCC

Embrace the outdoors even when temperatures rise by being mindful of timing, clothing, and your body’s signals.

a person showers outside

How Can I Keep My Body Cool During Heat Waves?

By Alexandra Smith, MA, LPCC

Here are some clever strategies to try.

a woman sits at the bar with a drink

A Serious Rise in Alcohol-Related Deaths

By Michael Dregni

A recent CDC study reports an alarming rise in alcohol-related deaths, and the pandemic appears to have exacerbated the issue. Learn more.

a woman drinks water on a hot day

How Extreme Temperatures Caused by Climate Change Can Affect Your Health — and How to Stay Safe

By Mo Perry

Explore these tips to stay healthy during periods of extreme heat.

healthy foods

FDA Proposes Updates to “Healthy” Food Criteria

By Craig Cox

Many sugary cereals and sweetened yogurts will no longer be able to market their foods as “healthy” under the proposed rules.

Gregory professional photo for life time talks

What Is Inflammation?

With Gregory Plotnikoff, MD
Season 6, Episode 15

Inflammation is a natural bodily response that is essential in acute circumstances — we need it to happen we get a paper cut or if we’re fighting a head cold. Its harmful effects occur, however, when it becomes chronic and systemic. Functional-medicine practitioner Gregory Plotnikoff, MD, shares what to know about inflammation, including what causes it, how it impacts our health, ways we can test for it, and proactive steps we can take in our daily lives to tame it.

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a woman looks at her doctor with a rather dubious expression

What Is Medical Gaslighting?

By Michael Dregni

Medical gaslighting occurs when a healthcare provider dismisses a patient’s symptoms as unimportant, psychosomatic, or as a manifestation of hypochondria.

a scientist looks through a microscope

Are We Half Human and Half Microbe?

By Courtney Helgoe

Many experts have noted that our bacterial cells outnumber our human ones by about 10:1, but according to recent research, it might be more like 1:1.

a woman drinking water from a water bottle

Is Being Overhydrated Dangerous?

By Sarah Tuff

Although overhydration is rare, it can be as dangerous as dehydration.

a glass of milk sits on a table with a woman holding her arms around her stomach

What Is a Food Intolerance?

By Mo Perry

Unlike food allergies and food sensitivities, food intolerances do not involve the immune system. Here’s why.

a woman declines toast

What Is a Food Sensitivity?

By Mo Perry

Food sensitivities often cause delayed — not immediate — reactions such as joint pain, fatigue, and brain fog.

Pilar Gerasimo

How to Be Healthy in an Unhealthy World

With Pilar Gerasimo
Season 5, Episode 3

While many of us have the desire to be healthy, the unfortunate reality is that our culture is not set up to make it easy — and often makes it really hard. That does not mean it’s impossible, just that it requires intentionality. Pilar Gerasimo, health journalist, author, and founding editor of Experience Life, shares why her work is centered around helping people become “healthy deviants,” including tips for breaking against the norms of society so you don’t break yourself.

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photo composite of water, water bottles and people drinking water

Everything You Need to Know About Hydration

By Sarah Tuff

Hydration is so good for our health that it’s become a hot wellness trend. We weigh in on the hype and answer common questions about what to drink and when.

a man drinks a cup of water while in a pool

How Hydration Affects Spine Health

By Lauren Bedosky

It’s important to hydrate well — and nourish yourself with key nutrients — to keep your spine healthy. Here’s why.

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