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Renee Main, co-founder of ARORA programming at Life Time

Whether you’re beginning a workout routine or picking one up from where you last left off, getting started can feel like an enormous undertaking. Exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress management, self-care — there are a lot of factors to think about.

“Starting a new routine can be overwhelming,” says Annie Kragness, director of healthy aging for Life Time. “Not only are there the exercise and nutrition components, but it’s important to also consider your sleep, stress levels, and social life. It’s all part of well-rounded, healthy living.”

Kragness, who is also the cofounder of the ARORA programming for active, older adults at Life Time, says her team saw a need among members for support in taking on changes to their routines. And that’s where the ARORA Intro to Healthy Living program comes in.

Life Time’s newest digital offering, it takes all these factors into account and breaks them down so they’re easy to learn and approach. “You’ll take away habits that you can implement immediately into your routine,” she says.

To learn more about this program, we asked Kragness a few questions about ARORA Intro to Healthy Living. Read on for her responses and to find out  if it could be helpful for you.

Life Time Editorial | What is the ARORA Intro to Healthy Living program?

Annie Kragness | ARORA Intro to Healthy Living is a six-week program within the Life Time Digital app. Each week, you’ll learn about a different topic related to healthy aging, including movement, nutrition, knowing your health markers (think blood pressure, cholesterol, and other important numbers), getting social, the importance of sleep and rest, and managing stress.

Each week involves a mix of lessons, workouts, and habits. Each lesson is designed to help you understand why each topic is important for your health and how to implement healthy habits and activities for each of them into your everyday life. The program also includes an in-app workout program with exercises that you can do in or out of the club.

LTE | How much time does the program require?

AK | The program is broken down into daily activities so that members can stay engaged throughout the week, but the time investment is not overwhelming. Each lesson takes about five minutes.

For workouts, timing will vary based on the participant, but I recommend allowing yourself a minimum of 30 minutes per workout. There are options within the activities section that allow you to work at your own pace or use a timer.

Overall, the workout plan will help you comply with our ARORA-certified trainer recommendation of engaging in 150 minutes per week of cardiovascular activity, plus incorporating at least two days of strength training and two days of flexibility work into your routine.

LTE | Who is this program for?

AK | ARORA Intro to Healthy Living is specifically designed for active older adults, but this program is great for anyone looking to get started with a new healthy-living routine.

LTE | What can participants expect? What goals will they accomplish?

AK | No matter your age, our Life Time experts emphasize the importance of prioritizing your health. It’s not a short-term fix, it’s a lifestyle.

This program was designed with our ARORA members — active, older adults — in mind. It takes into consideration how our bodies, our routines, our relationships, and our personal health  all change over time. It teaches you how making small, healthy changes to your movement, nutrition, sleep, and more can help you be more active and social, and feel better overall. At the conclusion of the program, participants can expect to have established some key foundational healthy habits.

LTE | How do I enroll in the program?

AK | ARORA Intro to Healthy Living is complimentary for Life Time members. If you’re a Life Time member, be sure to have the Life Time Digital app downloaded for Apple or Android.

Open the Life Time Digital app, tap “Explore,” then tap “Weight Loss and Training.” From there, you’ll be able to choose the ARORA Intro to Healthy Living program and enroll.

If you’re not yet a Life Time member, you have the option to join as a Life Time Digital member, and then can access the program by following the same steps above.

LTE | Do I need to be technology-savvy to participate?

AK | No, you don’t need to be digitally savvy to complete this program. Tutorials for both navigating the app and the ARORA Intro to Healthy Living program are built in as part of the program lessons.

Get Started

Access the ARORA Intro to Healthy Living program on the Life Time app. Simply open the app, look for it under Workouts & Programs, and click into it to enroll.

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Emily Ewen is a senior writer and content editor at Life Time.

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