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Latest Stories

Jane Meronuck with rescue pup (and scooter buddy), Winston
By Jane Meronuck
An Experience Life staffer shares what she's learned and how she's grown in the 20 months since her cancer diagnosis.
Image of man with outdoor background.
By Life Time
"When I feel better, I'm a better dad, a better husband. You have to make yourself a priority."
Portrait of Jason Sweetnam
By Jason Sweetnam
On his journey to lose 100 pounds, one man found his calling in a new career as a personal trainer.
Two men competing in a race.
By Life Time and HOKA
A legally blind teenager inspires other visually impaired kids to tap into their motivation and find adventure.
Woman smiling while exercising
By Life Time
"A year ago, if you had told me I could do that, I'd have laughed at you. I just never thought I could do these types of things with my body."
A woman runs outside.
By Life Time and HOKA
Rebekah Mayer, who oversees 80 Life Time Run locations, on what running means to her.
Two brothers
By Life Time
"The goal was met, I was able to do it. And two weeks later, I was donating a kidney."
Louie McGee and Milan Tomaska
By Louie McGee
A legally blind teenager commits to the race of a lifetime to inspire other visually impaired kids to find their own adventures.
Jason Schanta before and after
By Jason Schanta
Connecting with his bigger why helped one man kick his emotional-eating habit and learn to love working out.
Jessica Tobin Before and After
By Jessica Tobin
One woman shares hard-earned lessons from her postpartum recovery to help others recognize the importance of persistence, self-care, and patience.
Father and daughter foam rolling together
By Life Time
"Getting to those moments in life that you’re going to remember — that’s my motivation.”
Woman flexing muscles outside
By Life Time
"Get outdoors. Go hiking. Go walking. Just do something to get out there and move, get your health on track so that you can go out and experience life — because you only have one.”
By Phyllis Jones
After recovering from a life-changing brain aneurysm, one woman discovered a workout program that helped her change her lifestyle and lose nearly 70 pounds.
Bill Heyman
By Bill Heyman
How one man — after losing his wife to leukemia and surviving his own cancer treatment — reclaimed his health and completed a 365-mile bike ride through Israel.
Anna Louise Kallas
By Anna Louise Kallas
How EL’s six-month workout program helped one cancer survivor find the support she needed to take back her health.
Alec Syme
By Alec Syme
One man's sobriety led to lower cholesterol, stable blood sugar, and a healthier, more vibrant life.
By Nick Williams
How one man returned to a favorite childhood pastime to overcome a traumatic injury and years of obesity.
By Kristina Bonnici
How one woman overcame nearly two decades of chronic pain and found the fit life she’d been missing.
By Cindy Kelly
When a lifelong dieter gave up sweets, smoking, and a sedentary lifestyle, she rediscovered her sense of self.
Kate Gesch
By Kate Gesch
How a detox helped a mother clarify her desire for a healthier, more meaningful life.
Shawna Green
By Shawna Green
How a single mom emerged from a challenging year healthier, happier, and more connected with her kids.
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