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day finalists at Life Time Pickerington.

Creating Positive Change: What’s Your Why?

By Life Time and HOKA
Four Life Time members and 60day Challenge finalists share the lessons they learned using the program to transform their physical, mental, and emotional health.
Marnie Rich

Leading by Example

By Life Time and HOKA
Performer Marnie Rich on how staying connected and working together can create positive, meaningful change.
Lindsay Byrd in a Life Time club.

Moving for Mental Health

By Life Time and HOKA
How maintaining a consistent fitness and movement routine has helped improve Life Time member Lindsay Byrd’s physical and mental well-being.
Josh Neal in front of a Life Time club sign.

A Matter of Mindset

By Life Time and HOKA
A Life Time team member knows that when it comes to the pursuit of health and well-being, what’s going on in our heads can make all the difference.
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