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Cullen Jones
By Cullen Jones
A near-death drowning experience inspired this Olympic gold medalist to boost representation and help others learn to swim.
Michael Mackie head shot
By Michael Mackie
After gaining weight and struggling with health issues, one man decided to avoid sugar for a year — and experienced some surprising results.
Collage of Helene Berger and her husband
By Helene Berger
When her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, one woman made a commitment to make every day they had together meaningful and precious.
collage images of kate booth
By Kate Septynski Booth
Overcoming her fear of heights, one woman climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise awareness of the global water crisis.
Tony Hoffman is pictured during his Leadville race.
By Tony Hofmann
After rising to the challenge of the Leadville 100, a retired U.S. Army colonel found new purpose in building a team of athletes willing to go the distance for veterans and service members with posttraumatic stress.
Amy Zellmer doing yoga
By Amy Zellmer
After suffering a traumatic brain injury, one woman spent years trying to recover. In the process, she became a nationwide advocate for TBI survivors.
Lucy Croft
By Lucy Croft
Discovering a passion for fitness instruction helped one woman better manage her chronic fatigue syndrome.
Collage of Bobby Howland
By Bobby Howland
Conquering marathons wasn't enough for this runner, so he found a larger purpose.
Cynthia Li in ocean with her husband
By Cynthia Li
Diagnosed with a baffling autoimmune illness, this physician had to question her medical training to find a path to healing.
Ed Kriesel leaving hospital after double lung transplant
By Ed Kriesel
Diagnosed with a terminal lung disease, a longtime athlete focused on maintaining his fitness while preparing for a transplant.
Hannah Bower
By Hannah Bower
When this gymnast lost her sport and came close to losing her life, she had to change her mindset to rediscover her identity.
Jane Meronuck with rescue pup (and scooter buddy), Winston
By Jane Meronuck
An Experience Life staffer shares what she's learned and how she's grown in the 20 months since her cancer diagnosis.
Portrait of Jason Sweetnam
By Jason Sweetnam
On his journey to lose 100 pounds, one man found his calling in a new career as a personal trainer.
Kate Mihevc Edwards in yoga pose
By Kate Mihevc Edwards
When an endurance athlete was diagnosed with a rare genetic heart condition, it forced her to change her entire lifestyle — and offered her the opportunity to really listen to her body.
Louie McGee and Milan Tomaska
By Louie McGee
A legally blind teenager commits to the race of a lifetime to inspire other visually impaired kids to find their own adventures.
Sarah Sapora
By Sarah Sapora
One woman’s journey to create a healthier life for herself led her to become a wellness advocate for people of all sizes.
Jason Schanta before and after
By Jason Schanta
Connecting with his bigger why helped one man kick his emotional-eating habit and learn to love working out.
Ginny Hoover Before and After
By Ginny Hoover
Shedding 160 pounds led one woman to discover her many strengths ­— and commit to prioritizing her health.
Jessica Tobin Before and After
By Jessica Tobin
One woman shares hard-earned lessons from her postpartum recovery to help others recognize the importance of persistence, self-care, and patience.
Our success-story profiles, Derek Ballard, Jr., is pictured.
By Derek Ballard Jr.
By switching to a plant-based diet and redoubling his training efforts, this young basketball player finally lost the weight that had been holding him back.
two people standing in front of a love sculpture
By Karen Kitchel
How one woman is finding purpose and fulfillment in her retirement through volunteering in her community.
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