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A bio image of Jason Schanta
By Jason Schanta
Connecting with his bigger why helped one man kick his emotional-eating habit and learn to love working out.
Ginny Hoover Before and After
By Ginny Hoover
Shedding 160 pounds led one woman to discover her many strengths ­— and commit to prioritizing her health.
Jessica Tobin doing a stretch
By Jessica Tobin
One woman shares hard-earned lessons from her postpartum recovery to help others recognize the importance of persistence, self-care, and patience.
Our success-story profiles, Derek Ballard, Jr., is pictured.
By Derek Ballard Jr.
By switching to a plant-based diet and redoubling his training efforts, this young basketball player finally lost the weight that had been holding him back.
two people standing in front of a love sculpture
By Karen Kitchel
How one woman is finding purpose and fulfillment in her retirement through volunteering in her community.
Woman hiking
By Laurel Kallenbach
How visualization exercises helped one woman heal from the trauma of three hip surgeries and take her dream vacation. 
three images of Tom Tittman standing in front of mountains and white water rafting
By Tom Tittmann
After suffering from ulcerative colitis for more than three decades, one man discovered a way to get to the root cause of his illness.
Richard Morris Success Story
By Richard Morris
One man shares how he reclaimed his health — and lost more than 150 pounds — by embracing whole foods and his family's agrarian roots.
By Phyllis Jones
After recovering from a life-changing brain aneurysm, one woman discovered a workout program that helped her change her lifestyle and lose nearly 70 pounds.
Bill Heyman
By Bill Heyman
How one man — after losing his wife to leukemia and surviving his own cancer treatment — reclaimed his health and completed a 365-mile bike ride through Israel.
Amari Pollard
By Amari D. Pollard
Playing lacrosse gave one young woman newfound body confidence — and the motivation to stop seeing food as the enemy.
Scott Kranz
By Scott Kranz
Pursuing a newfound love of the outdoors motivated one attorney to rethink his career path.
Anna Louise Kallas
By Anna Louise Kallas
How EL’s six-month workout program helped one cancer survivor find the support she needed to take back her health.
Eric O'Grey
By Eric O'Grey
A dietary shift offered hope to an overweight, socially isolated man, but it was a rescue dog that saved his life.
Claire Cameron
By Claire Cameron
How an elimination diet — and some tenacity — helped one young woman reverse her alopecia.
Christina Peters
By Christina Peters
One woman’s yoga practice spurred her recovery from an eating disorder — and offered her a path to self-acceptance.
Gene Armstrong
By Gene Armstrong
How one man is creating a family tradition of healthy living by making manageable changes to his own diet and lifestyle.
Christina Coleman
By Christina Coleman
How a new fitness regimen helped an overstressed mom manage the pressures of raising a special-needs child.
Sahar Aker
By Sahar Aker
How cognitive behavioral therapy gave one woman the tools to work through depression and start a social-media movement.
Alec Syme
By Alec Syme
One man's sobriety led to lower cholesterol, stable blood sugar, and a healthier, more vibrant life.
Michael Somsan
By Michael Somsan
Despite an injury that left him blind, this Army veteran sets his sights on triathlon's most legendary event.
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