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By Tessa Leen
How one woman — determined to transform her lifestyle and inspired by Zumba — shed more than half her body weight.
By Experience Life Staff
A longtime Life Time member shares his thoughts on faith, family, and a healthy way of life as he embarks on a country-music career.
By Nick Williams
How one man returned to a favorite childhood pastime to overcome a traumatic injury and years of obesity.
By Heidi Wachter
Wrestling champion Anthony Robles hasn’t let anything keep him from standing at the top of his game.
Duke Pieper
By Duke Pieper
A promising young hockey player survived life-changing brain surgery and is now sharing his message of hope with others.
Katie Dalebout
By Katie Dalebout
How one woman’s daily journaling helped her overcome an obsession with “healthy” behaviors.
eric dietzius
By Eric Dietzius
One man’s journey to move beyond poor health habits — and overcome an undiagnosed eating disorder.
By Cindy Kelly
When a lifelong dieter gave up sweets, smoking, and a sedentary lifestyle, she rediscovered her sense of self.
By Kaelyn Riley
One young swimmer shares her thoughts on the value of resiliency and community as she races toward the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.
Kelsey Peterson
By Katie Dohman
By learning to connect with her body in new ways, one woman is not only surviving but thriving after a life-changing injury.
By Mike Plunkett
How mindful running helped one man overcome depression and a spiritual slump and become a globetrotting ultrarunner.
Kate Gesch
By Kate Gesch
How a detox helped a mother clarify her desire for a healthier, more meaningful life.
By Heidi Wachter
Rich Roll’s success may seem like it came easily, but it took tough, sometimes-humbling work. His message is all about doing the same to change your life — for real.
By Experience Life Staff
Grief counselor and best-selling author of Second Firsts: Live, Laugh, and Love Again, Christina Rasmussen shares her advice on how to rebuild a life after loss — and opens up about her own experience with grief and healing.
The Other Side of Grief
By Vinson Smith
After overeating to cope with his father’s death, one man found a path to a healthier mindset — and a desire to help others.
Shawna Green
By Shawna Green
How a single mom emerged from a challenging year healthier, happier, and more connected with her kids.
couple with newborn
By Jenn Mears, NP
When a family health crisis pushed a self-reliant mom to the breaking point, she found the strength to admit she couldn’t do it all herself.
By Experience Life Staff
How one man put his life back together with the help of an obscure Nordic game.
By Barbara Gibson
How a mom with debilitating knee pain found the strength to heal — thanks to her daughter’s generosity.
By Lisa Brannan-Blair
How one woman danced her way to a health and wellness transformation.
By Michael Adams
How a busy husband, father, and business owner moved beyond excuses and made his health and fitness a priority.
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