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By Joyce I. Mannel
How one woman took a “let’s just try” approach to changing her body, her self-perception, and her life.
Kaelyn Riley's profile shot
By Kaelyn Riley
Healing from an injury has a lot to teach us about limitations and gratitude, as one woman learns in training for her first triathlon.
By Michele Martin
How one woman changed the course of her life — with some help from her friends — to come back better than ever.
Jenn Mears
By Jenn Mears, NP
A health care practitioner details how she learned to prioritize her own wellness.
By Kristin Lupino
How one woman avoided a hysterectomy by using nutrition to rebalance her hormones — naturally.
Jason Johnson with a woman
By Jason Johnson
Heeding a desperate call to change, one man sets his will on reclaiming his health and fitness.
By Jenny Paul
How a photo inspired one woman to change her life — and the image she projects to the world.
Jenni Engebretson
By Jenni Engebretson
How one woman overcame depression and addiction by rebuilding her mind, body, and spirit.
Naddir Eldeeb
By Naddir Eldeeb
How a determined friend helped one man lose 225 pounds and reclaim his sense of self.
By Experience Life Staff
After struggling with her weight throughout childhood, Jacquelyn B. Fletcher lost 100 pounds — and has kept it off for nearly two decades. Here, she recalls the moment she realized her body — and her life — would be forever changed.
Loving What I’ve Got: Jacquelyn Fletcher’s Success Story
By Jacquelyn B. Fletcher
How one woman lost 100 pounds and has kept it off for nearly two decades — and counting.
By Experience Life Staff
After her 22-year marriage ended, Kandace MacKaben began examining her path forward as her caretaker role was changing. She never expected a long-distance bike trip to lead her to a new identity. Here, Kandace recalls how she changed her life.
By Steve Hamrick
A young man with autism conquers the NYC Tri. His father tells the story.
By Laine Bergeson Becco, FMCHC
The Olympian reflects on the advantages of age, experience, and believing in yourself against the odds.
By Experience Life Staff
See how one couple overcame a legacy of obesity — and built a stronger life together along the way.
Spiritual Journey: Kandace MacKaben’s Success Story
By Kandace MacKaben
A long-distance bike trip that changed one woman’s life forever.
Susanna and Ilya
By Courtney Lewis Opdahl
How one couple overcame a legacy of obesity — and built a stronger life together along the way.
Melanie Meren
By Melanie Kadlic Meren
Motherhood forces a self-employed consultant to adjust — and readjust — her health and fitness goals.
By Experience Life Staff
Kathe Yamagata, author of the January 2014 How I'm Doing It column, reflects on her weight loss and health transformation.
By Experience Life Staff
In November 2011, former Strongman competitor Stephen Preusz was diagnosed with kidney failure. He would need a new kidney sooner than later. Here, he shares his journey back to healthy.
Strong Man: Stephen Preusz's Success Story
By Stephen Preusz
Sudden kidney failure changed one man’s life overnight and required him to fight back for survival.
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