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A Dynamic Personal Trainer working with a client

There are seemingly endless options for health and fitness programming these days — both digitally and in person. But if you’re looking for a program to support every aspect of a healthy life, Dynamic Personal Training is one philosophy that’s standing the test of time at Life Time.

“When it comes to personal training, Life Time’s philosophy involves creating an uncompromised experience and supporting every aspect of a healthy lifestyle,” says Anna Taylor, CPT, Dynamic Personal Trainer at Life Time in Woodbury, Minn. “Our Dynamic Personal Trainers focus on building a relationship with their clients so we can provide the best support, accountability, and motivation for them.” (Learn more: “Why Dynamic Personal Training?”)

For Jon and Katy Thomas, members at Life Time in Pickerington, Ohio, this promise rings true. Jon, a police officer and adjunct professor who is working toward a master’s degree in criminal justice, and Katy, who works as a nurse, have full plates. With challenging careers and four children between the ages of 15 and 23, life is busy. Yet the couple prioritizes their health and well-being. They do this together with their Dynamic Personal Trainers, Andrew McGovern and Gage Corns, both of whom they’ve each worked with along their fitness journeys.

We asked Jon and Katy to share more about their Dynamic Personal Training experience and how McGovern and Corns are helping them reach their goals.

Life Time Editorial | When did you start working with a Dynamic Personal Trainer? What were your first impressions?

Jon Thomas | I began training in November 2021, and my first impression was it was not going to work — I’ve struggled to stick with exercise programs in the past. This immediately changed once I started feeling the mind-body connection during my workouts. The workouts were different from anything I’d ever done.

The onboarding process was also seamless. Although my body was not used to doing the workouts because I had not exercised for quite some time, Andrew and Gage helped me understand the fundamentals of each exercise, as well as how to recover, so my body started feeling better right away.

Katy Thomas | I started training with both Andrew and Gage in August 2022 after Jon had been working with them for a few months. I was super excited to start as I had been observing them from afar. The onboarding process was easy: We had a discussion around my goals, my current workout regimen, and nutrition.

LTE | In your opinion, what sets Dynamic Personal Training at Life Time apart from other programs?

JT | I trained with a personal trainer years ago, and the difference I see in Dynamic Personal Training is the emphasis on the mind-body connection. I’m really encouraged to be present during my training session: How am I connecting to the squat? Is this set the most that I can give? When I’m doing pushups, am I feeling the right muscles contract and expand? I believe understanding these fundamentals is critical to the training regimen.

KT | I agree about the difference that comes from the focus on the mind-body connection. I’ve learned that you don’t necessarily have to lift the heaviest weights to become stronger. It’s not about the quantity of your weight or reps, it’s about the quality. I’ve learned to focus more on proper form and how my body feels instead of numbers.

LTE | What is your relationship like with your Dynamic Personal Trainers? How do they keep you motivated?

JT | The relationship I have with Gage is phenomenal. He’s an excellent trainer, but I see him more as my brother. He has changed my life for the better, and I stay motivated by implanting Gage’s encouraging words in my mind.

I am looking for longevity in life, and I want to be the best for myself and for my wife and children. When they see the effort I put forth with my workouts and nutrition, I hope to inspire them and be an example. My family is a major motivator for me.

KT | I feel like Andrew and Gage are family to me. They are so encouraging and positive all the time. They help me stay motivated by reminding me of how far I’ve come. I’ve gained so much strength both mentally and physically, and they continue to remind me that I can do hard things both in and out of the club.

LTE | How has the progress you’ve made and goals you’ve reached impacted other areas of your life?

JT | My progress has exponentially opened the door to other facets of my life. I work as a police academy instructor as well as an adjunct professor. As my body has transformed, it has given me the confidence to tackle more in my life and give everything 100-percent effort, including getting my master’s degree in criminal justice.

I believe the point of life is to tackle all challenges head on and enjoy every day that comes. The old Jon would’ve tried to avoid the pain that life inevitably brings, but I now try to enjoy every challenge that comes my way.

KT | I have the most energy I’ve had in a long time. I’m sleeping better, and I’m really focused on caring for myself. I’ve had to learn to prioritize me, and as a wife, mother, and nurse, this isn’t an easy task. I used to have a huge sense of guilt around self-care, but now I say to myself, If I want to show up for others, then I need to show up for myself.

LTE | What would you say to a friend or family member who was interested in trying Dynamic Personal Training?

JT | Just do it. This style of training is unmatched, and it’s just amazing how you can change over time with the right support.

KT | Jump into the process; you won’t regret it. I always leave a session feeling better than I did before.

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Emily Ewen

Emily Ewen is a senior writer and content editor at Life Time.

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A dynamic personal trainer in a training session with a client.

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