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Quacy Millet and Jamie Deutsch

Quacy Millet (age 31) and Jamie Deutsch (age 29), who both work training individuals on the spectrum, met via a dating app in 2014. “We instantly clicked,” said Quacy. “Being ‘gym rats’ helped our relationship progress fast because we didn’t need only dating; we worked out frequently together since the day we met.”

Three years later, in 2017, they joined Life Time in Syosset, N.Y. “We basically lived at the club, working out together four times a week,” Quacy said. “In addition, because of our work schedules, two or three other times each week we’d work out separately.”

Seven years after they first met, on December 19, 2021, in a Life Time studio decorated with paper rose petals, dozens of luminaries, and heart-shaped balloons and with soft music playing in the background, Quacy surprised Jamie by proposing marriage shortly after she walked in.

Life Time Editorial | Why did you decide to propose to Jamie at Life Time?

Millet | As I was thinking of the place that would be most memorable, as all guys do, one of our best friends suggested, as a joke, that I do it at Life Time because we practically lived there. But, when I really gave it some thought, it made so much sense to do it there.

Life Time Editorial | How did you keep the proposal a secret?

Millet | Because we go to Life Time so often, it wasn’t even an issue to get her to go. Jamie’s best friend and her fiancé decorated one of the studios for me before we got there. My best friend joined us to take the pictures. We were all quietly waiting in the studio when Jamie walked in. She was absolutely shocked; she had no idea what was coming.

Life Time Editorial | How has your health and fitness improved since you began dating and working out together?

Millet | Honestly, we achieved our maximum potential at Life Time. I feel like before Life Time we just went to the gym because it was something to do. Now, it’s a lifestyle. The people we’ve met here, their consistency and friendliness has definitely changed our outlook on life. I guarantee one sauna session with the right group of people will change your outlook on life.

Life Time Editorial | Do you have any piece of advice you’d like to share with others?

Millet | If you find someone who loves you, and pushes you to break PRs, then they’re probably the right person for you. Also, join Life Time if you go to the gym five-plus days a week. If the gym is your second home, you might as well make it feel like home.

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