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a person plans a vacation
  1. Explore your own community through the eyes of a tourist. Check out museums, parks, or other local landmarks that you’ve wondered about but never visited.
  2. Go to a local ethnic market or restaurant and sample some new-to-you foods.
  3. Take a daylong walk without a destination. See what you find.
  4. Sign up for a language class at a community center. Join a conversation group to practice.
  5. Invite friends over to cook Chinese, French, or Indian food, and watch a subtitled film from that country.
  6. Stream traditional music from around the world.
  7. Read some great travel memoirs.
  8. Watch movies about characters on a journey. Stunning cinematography is a bonus: The Lord of the Rings (New Zealand), Eat Pray Love (Italy, India, Bali), The Way (Spain), Everything Everywhere All at Once (the multiverse).

This was excerpted from “5 Strategies for Becoming a More Conscious Traveler” which was published in Experience Life.

Laurel Kallenbach

Laurel Kallenbach is a writer based in Boulder, Colo. 

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