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By Kelle Walsh
Today's destination spas don't just pamper your body. They expand your horizons – and change your life.
By Kelle Walsh
Avoid the warm-weather crowds. Experience nature in all her frozen glory.
By Laurel Kallenbach
Rediscover your creativity. Embark on an adventure that blends outdoor explorations with artistic pursuits. Your expressive side is calling . . .
woman smiling while driving
By Eliza Thomas
Does getting behind the wheel make you anxious or angry? Embark on the road to relaxation with these commute-improving tips.
By Laurel Kallenbach
Adventure by day, comfort by night. If you want to hike, cycle, paddle or ski farther – and see more of your chosen destination – a point-to-point adventure tour is a great way to go.
By Monte Paulsen
To explore the earth's deepest, darkest secrets, consider traveling to earth's deepest, darkest places. Discover the draw of caving, and decide if you, too, want to probe to new depths.
By Cathy Madison
Think time off is a waste of time? For the sake of your health and happiness, you just might want to reconsider.
Mother and son camping in backyard
By Anjula Razdan
Has your life become a bit too routine and predictable? Maybe you're due for a dose of the extraordinary.
By Jennifer Dennis
Hop off the double-decker bus. Then swap your same-old sightseeing for a more personal – and sensory – vacation experience.
By Dimity McDowell
If the thought of pounding the pavement makes you want to head for the hills, trail running may offer profound appeal. Find out why millions of runners are taking to the trails.
By Laurel Kallenbach
Tired of shortchanging your exercise routine while you're traveling for work? Try blending your business trip with a total-body outdoor experience.
By Dimity McDowell
Meet a new breed of athlete — fitness lovers who are leading the charge to protect and preserve access to the natural environments on which their favorite sports depend.
By Angela Pirisi
Dread them though you might, corporate retreats with a wild side can bolster confidence, build relationships and improve everybody's outlook.
By Dimity McDowell
Don't leave your healthy habits behind when you travel. Here are some strategies for keeping your fitness moving while you are on the move.
By Laurel Kallenbach
Ready to expand your horizons? Try a journey into transformative territory – a spiritual retreat center.
By Kristi Streiffert
Had enough of theme parks and prepackaged vacations? Maybe it's time your family tried something smarter.
By Laurel Kallenbach
Want to be outward bound by day and pampered on the massage table by night? Try the newest trend - an adventure spa.
By Laurel Kallenbach
Coed outings are all well and good, but there's also something alluring about a trip without members of the opposite gender. Here's a look at the state of single-sex adventures.
By Laurel Kallenbach
For some, the only thing better than getting away from it all is getting in on an adventure for a good cause.
By Laurel Kallenbach
Wilderness adventure schools introduce you to parts of the world - and parts of yourself - you never knew existed.
By Maya Bacon
Not every family outing has to be a big-deal production. Here's how to get your kids off the couch and into nature the low-key way.
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