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a person cannonballs into a lake

14 Tips to Stay Cool During the Summer

By Alexandra Smith, MA, LPCC

Ideas for keeping yourself and your home cool during the dog days of summer.

a woman pushes a wheelbarrow through her garden

6 Ways Gardening Is the Ultimate Mind–Body Workout

By Heidi Wachter

The health benefits of gardening go beyond reaping a harvest of vegetables and fruits.

a decluttered utensil drawer

ONE HEALTHY HABIT: Declutter Your Spaces

By Experience Life Staff

Build healthy patterns with our One Healthy Habit challenge. This month, we sort through all the stuff.

a woman stands at her desk stretching her quad

Create a Healthy Work Space With These Desk-Worthy Goods

By Experience Life Staff

Make your office space better for your body.

a cutting board with a variety of veggie scraps

20 Clever Kitchen Tricks

By Kaelyn Riley

Cooking needn’t feel like a chore. Try these tips to save time, money, and resources.

a river lined with trees

MacArthur Foundation ‘Genius Grant’ Winner Robin Wall Kimmerer Talks About Connecting With Nature

By Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl

The world is a gift, says botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer, and we can accept it with gratitude and reciprocity.

a person holds a small, wrapped gift

Edible Holiday Gift Ideas

By Experience Life Staff

Treats to satisfy just about everyone on your list.

a gas range

What Is the Impact of Natural Gas on Human Health?

By Jazz Ward

A 2022 study found that 95% of homes tested had low but potentially harmful levels of chemicals like benzene.

a man teaches his young child guitar

How Music Brings Us Together

By Katherine Reynolds Lewis

Whether it’s experienced through singing, playing an instrument, dancing, or attending a concert, music is a powerful mode of connection.

people cheers at a festively adorned table

5 Rules for Gathering

By Jill Patton, FMCHC

Great gatherings don’t usually happen by chance — they’re created with care. These five tips can make holiday get-togethers both meaningful and fun.

a man cleans his carpet

DIY Carpet Cleaner

By Molly Tynjala

Got stains? Learn how to remove them with nontoxic items you probably have on hand.

a basket of dirty laundry in a laundry room

Why Do Certain Clothes Smell Worse Than Others After We Sweat?

By Margret Aldrich

Polyester promotes odor-causing bacteria called Micrococci. Cotton does not.

pots filled with healing herbs

Gardens That Heal: Q&A With Juliet Blankespoor

By Marco Dregni

Herbs like basil, thyme, fennel, mint, and more can be used in cooking — and in herbal medicine.

a man vacuums his living room

Is Doing Housework Good for Your Brain?

By Craig Cox

Vacuuming and cleaning windows may help our cognition and attention spans, according to a recent study.

an air purifier runs while a woman sits on a couch with her dog

4 Simple Ways to Detox the Air in Your Home

By Jacqueline White

Do you know what you’re breathing in your home? Here’s how to improve your indoor air quality and create a healthier living environment in your home.

a person applies a drop of tea tree oil to her hand

How to Use Tea-Tree Oil

By Courtney Lewis Opdahl

This antiseptic and antifungal essential oil has several applications. Discover a few ideas for your home and body.

Bahram Akradi, the founder, chairman, and CEO of Life Time — Healthy Way of Life.

A Place to Belong

By Bahram Akradi

While we desire adventure, we can also long for familiar surroundings. Life Time can offer a bit of both.

a person washing apples

8 Food Safety Myths

By Stephanie Soucheray

How cautious do we need to be in the kitchen? Our experts share tips for safe food handling, prep, and storage.

a person carries veggies in a wood crate

5 Reasons to Opt for a CSA This Summer

By Laurel Kallenbach

Buying a share of a local farm’s harvest offers more than fresh, seasonal produce. It supports your community.

a father and daughter bake in the kitchen

5 Kid-Friendly Cooking Tools

By Experience Life Staff

Welcome kiddos into the kitchen with these tools, including scaled-down baking sheets and serrated safety knives.

a festive table in a courtyard

5 Products to Elevate Your Summer Yard Party

By Experience Life Staff

Five of our favorite products to improve the quality of your outdoor time.

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