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By Alyssa Ford
Toxic chemicals surround us - often in the places we'd least suspect. Want to protect your body, your home and your world from harmful pollutants? Start by knowing where to look.
person in closet
By Wanda Urbanska
How clearing out the clutter in your space can help you clear your head, too.
By Robyn Griggs Lawrence
Eco-friendly home furnishings and building materials can help make your home a healthy one.
By Catherine Guthrie
Mercury in fish and dental fillings. Lead in old paint. Cadmium and arsenic in industrial wastes. There's a lot of talk about heavy-metal toxins these days. But how worried should you be, really? And what can you do to protect yourself?
By Pilar Gerasimo
Not ready to take on the whole house? Just making forays into this trio of high-impact areas can help you take a load off your life.
By Andy Steiner
Is your life a mess, or does it just look like one? Decluttering experts suggest you tackle both problems simultaneously — by ridding yourself of excess stuff.
By Andrea Gerasimo
You're toning and reshaping your body. Why not use feng shui to bring your home along for the ride?
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