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By Casie Leigh Lukes
Sure, you can declutter to have less — but what do you truly need? How essentialism is helping one woman pare down to the good stuff.
By Courtney Lewis Opdahl
Our managing editor looks to clear out the clutter and start the year fresh with a renewed perspective on the stuff she keeps — starting with the linen closet.
By Mo Perry
The Mayo Clinic and a New York design firm are collaborating to explore the relationship between built environments and our health.
By Stephanie Soucheray
Learn if mold is messing with your body — and how you can clear up the trouble.
Kyra Bobinet
By Kyra Bobinet, MD, MPH
Does your living environment support — or sabotage — your self-improvement efforts?
fear of leaving home
By Jon Spayde
Strategies for enjoying life in an uncertain world.
By Experience Life Staff
Grab your headphones — and possibly spark your creativity — to plug into the latest app that allows you to customize your office-space ambiance.
a biohazard sign on a phone being held by a field
By Catherine Guthrie
Mercury in fish and dental fillings. Lead in old paint. Cadmium and arsenic in industrial wastes. There's a lot of talk about heavy-metal toxins these days. But how worried should you be, really? And what can you do to protect yourself?
By Experience Life Staff
Follow along as declutter and feng shui expert Andrea Gerasimo walks Experience Life senior director of content Jamie Martin through the process of getting her multipurpose laundry-and-mud room in shape.
The laundry room after a makeover
By Andrea Gerasimo
A cluttered laundry-and-mud room becomes a functional, pleasant place to be.
By Andrea Gerasimo
Minimize the stress of paying bills by creating a simple system for household paperwork.
A linen closet before and after a makeover by Andrea Gerasimo
By Andrea Gerasimo
How to arrange your bathroom and linen closet so they support a more peaceful start to the day.
By Experience Life Staff
If you live in the United States, there’s more than a 90 percent chance that BPA is already in your bloodstream.
The Minimalists
By Jane Meronuck
Join the Experience Life team's 30-day experiment to minimize clutter — inspired by the Minimalists.
Bed covers
By Experience Life Staff
Mattresses, pillows, and other bedding can contain chemicals that, while intended to make sleep safer, actually have the opposite effect.
An illustration of a home window with hills outside and a plant on the windowsill.
By Jacqueline White
How to limit your exposure to toxins in your home and better balance the basic elements of air, fire, water, and earth.
illustration of man and woman sitting on a couch with backs to each other and thought bubbles with fingers pointing at each other
By Courtney Helgoe
Financial expert Ruth Hayden helps couples move beyond their money issues. In this first of two installments, she explains why we fight about finances — and how to find common ground.
By Terri Trespicio
Clearing up your clutter is a great way to clean up your stress level.
By Jessie Sholl
What is your space saying about you — and what is it doing to your energy, mood and outlook on life?
By Organic Authority
Great tips from experts on organic office etiquette that you can share with your coworkers and employer so your workplace-and the world-can profit from going green.
wabi sabi home
By Robyn Griggs Lawrence
Tired of trying to make your home look magazine-slick? Discover the Japanese art of wabi-sabi or “appreciating the imperfect.”
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