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a minimal kitchen counter

Essential Kitchen Tools

By Kaelyn Riley

Here are some must-have tools for the kitchen.

Amy Thielen and her kitchen

Something’s (Always) Cooking

By Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl

Chef and cookbook author Amy Thielen simplifies her daily food life with practicality — and preparation.

a person puts food scraps into a compost pail

14 Tips to Reduce Household Food Waste

By Heidi Wachter

Simple strategies to reduce your food-print.

kitchen with essential items out for ease of use

The Minimalist Kitchen

By Kaelyn Riley

By taking a streamlined approach, you’ll have more space in your kitchen — and room in your budget — for the tools you’ll actually use.

a shopper looks at a label on a food product

Are Expiration Labels on Food Accurate?

By Heidi Wachter

What do “Sell By,” “Use By,” and “Best Before” labels actually mean? We break it down.

A woman smiling while sitting on the couch in a Life Time Living apartment.

Healthy Living By Design

By Molly Kopischke

How residing in a community designed with your health in mind can support your well-being.

a beautiful display of laundry items

Sustainable Laundry Products

By Experience Life Staff

Here’s how to clean clothes with less waste.

A showerhead turned on with water coming out.

Going Green

By Emily Ewen

From reducing plastic to conserving energy and water, Life Time continues to make improvements to its clubs and facilities with the planet in mind — and you can help too.

A few jars of different seeds sitting on a countertop next to some plants.

Simple Ways to Detox Your Home

By Samantha McKinney, RD, CPT

Add these steps to your spring-cleaning efforts to set your home up to better support your health.

Sharing the Joy: Ingrid Fetell Lee

Sharing the Joy: Ingrid Fetell Lee

By Kaelyn Riley

The designer, author, and blogger shares tips on finding joy all around us.

Older woman talking to someone.

5 Ways to Stay Connected While Confined

By Craig Cox

Loneliness can present a real health threat — especially for the elderly — but everywhere you look, people are finding new ways to engage with one another.

Father and son playing with a basketball at home.

Parenting in the Time of Coronavirus: Advice, Tips, and Tricks

Season 1, Episode 14

Our guest and mom of three, Krystel Reierson, curriculum and events manager for Life Time Kids, offers advice for talking about the virus with your children, as well as tips and tricks for keeping them entertained while you’re all at home together.

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